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Gummed Kraft Paper Tape vs. Poly Packaging Tape: Which Will You Stick With?

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Gummed Kraft Paper Tape vs. Poly Packaging Tape: Which Will You Stick With?

Plus Packaging provides professionally printed shipping tape in both reinforced gummed kraft paper packaging tape and Poly-Pro plastic tape, suitable for all your diverse shipping needs. But which type of tape, paper or plastic, is right for your business? Read on, learn about the benefits of each, and decide which is most beneficial to your brand.

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Readily available in a number of sizes, our poly-pro plastic custom packing tape is ideal for sealing light-weight packaged goods that put little to no stress on a box during shipping. Additionally, this custom-printed packaging tape is:

  • Easy-to-use and pressure sensitive, so it sticks to shipping boxes easily
  • Applicable for a variety of packages, from shipping boxes to poly mailers
  • Transparent nature allows it to be applied over pre-printed cartons and shipping labels without obscuring important information
Benefits Of Kraft Paper Packaging Tape

Benefits Of Kraft Paper Packaging Tape

Is Kraft Tape Strong?

Is Kraft Tape Strong?

Yes, Kraft tape is strong and ideal for heavy-duty packages. It’s reinforced by fiberglass threads and is generally more cost-effective than poly-pro plastic tapes with the same dimensions.

kraft tape vs packing tape

Gummed, or “kraft” paper packaging tape uses water-activated paper tape dispensers that are bulkier and less portable than their plastic counterparts; nevertheless, there are distinct benefits to using this kraft packaging tape:

  • Available in different strengths depending on the weight and bulk of your packaging needs
  • Provides a strong seal to a variety of corrugated and cardboard surfaces
  • Water-activated gum ensures the strongest bond with cardboard shipping boxes
Which Tape Is The Right Tape For Your Business?

Which Tape Is The Right Tape For Your Business?

If you need to secure a variety of cardboard shipping boxes, then you will probably be better off using a strong, reinforced gummed paper packaging tape. Its strong and durable water-activated bond will keep your goods totally secure while in transit and storage.

If, however, you use poly shipping mailers, then you will need to use a Poly-Pro plastic tape. Both types of tape are also available with your printed logo for the ultimate in custom printed packing tape. Whichever you choose, Plus Packaging’s selection of Poly-Pro Plastic Packing Tapes and Reinforced Gummed Kraft Tapes have you covered!

We want your product to stand out from the crowd while providing the cost-effective quality that your business demands. Contact us today to discuss your shipping tape needs or take advantage of our helpful logo viewer to see a sample of your own custom tape supplies! Additionally, check out our packaging tape blog to see real world examples of products we’ve created for our customers.

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