Promote Your Brand with Custom Printed Tissue Paper

Tissue paper is exciting!

Think about it. At that moment when you interact with custom printed tissue paper, you’re about to receive a gift, enjoy delicious food, or discover something new. The colors are happy. The crinkling texture and sound are satisfying. Tissue paper moments are packed full of positive emotions.

They are moments you want connected to your brand.

Custom branded packaging materials provide several benefits for the marketing and development of your business, empowering your brand to make a greater number and higher quality of impressions on people.

Benefits of Branded Tissue Paper

Professional Touch – Custom branded packaging materials also convey professionalism by showing attention to detail, a thoughtful touch that brings your brand to a new level in the marketplace.

Positive Brand Association – Consider the time and commitment you’ve put into developing your company and your brand. Customized Tissue Paper is one of the best ways to put that brand to work. You’ll make a memorable connection between your brand and your customer. You’ll reinforce social proof when their friends and family see them supporting your brand.

Increased Exposure – In addition to printing your logo, you have the option of printing a custom message or piece of artwork. You can use the platform to promote your website, social media pages, email lists, and other channels of contact. This is a blank canvas for any image or message you want to communicate.

When you believe in your brand, generic packaging won’t do. Maintain consistency in every detail of your branding elements, right down to the tissue paper you use to wrap or display your product. It is one of the most efficient ways to promote and elevate your business.

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With Personalized Tissue Paper, Your Brand is in the Story that Unfolds

In product distribution, every material is a blank canvas, a chance for your story to be part of your customer’s day. Here are some examples of how business owners meet their packaging needs and amplify their story with custom tissue paper:

  • Standalone Paper Packaging – Tissue paper is often used as wrapping paper. Boutique owners, as well as cosmetic and beauty creators, wrap products in color printed tissue paper to highlight their brand. In any business, you can use this custom paper packaging to enhance your customer’s experience with your product.
  • Unboxing Excitement – When combined with custom printed mailing bags, branded tissue paper protects your products and ensures that, whether they’re for a first time customer or a subscriber to your mailing list, the excitement of unboxing their new product is tied to your name.
  • Elegant Presentation – Florists show pride in their work with elegantly scripted designs on custom tissue wrapping paper around bouquets. Clothing retailers enhance the luxury of their textiles with carefully lined packages. How else can you use this material to heighten the experience of interacting with your products?
  • Food Service – Restaurant and food truck owners use custom food-grade wax tissue paper as an efficient and eco-friendly alternative to containers. When chefs serve their food on these specialized sheets of paper, it reduces waste, gives customers an easy way to hold your food, and makes their mouth water when they see your logo.
  • Gifts and Giveaways – When customers buy your products as gifts, it is the most meaningful way your brand can be shared with new people. When you’re the one doing the sharing, at trade shows or conventions, you can line your gift bags with a sheet of custom white or full color tissue paper. In both cases, you’ll increase brand recall among those who interact with your products.
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Trust the Experts of Wholesale Custom Packaging Solutions

For over 40 years, we have been successful when our products make you more successful.

Through the decades, we’ve worked hard to become the experts in custom packaging and design services, quality, pricing, and practical use. We are serious about making you look good, producing quality custom tissue paper that displays your logo or custom artwork, conveys creativity and professionalism, and efficiently promotes your brand.

When you speak with one of our highly skilled consultants, we’ll take the time to review your needs carefully. We’ll help you choose ink colors that highlight your products and your brand.  We’ll review the size and materials, such as wax or kraft paper, and take time to explain how the processes of printing and ink coverage work to seal colors securely to the paper, never to products or customer hands.

Single ink colors on white sheets can meet your pricing needs and still achieve maximum style with the work of Plus Packaging’s talented artists. From sheet size to ink colors to specific applications, we’ve seen it all, and we have the design services to create the perfect solution for your brand.

Work with a Pro – An experienced consultant will work with you through all our possible solutions. A member of our team will guide you in selecting a distinct image or message that reflects your company’s values. We’ll ensure that all solutions fit your goals and your budget.

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Branded Bulk and Wholesale Tissue Paper

As your volume increases, we can ensure that you maintain consistency of quality. Ask about our custom tissue paper bulk options and printed tissue paper wholesale when ordering larger quantities of logo printed tissue paper. Our team will help your business keep up with demand while showcasing and promoting your brand. Order your custom bulk and wholesale to scale your deliverables with confidence.

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