Promote Your Brand with Custom Printed Tissue Paper

So, you think your brand is classy?

Make sure it’s reflected in your product packaging.

Wrap your products in custom-printed tissue paper and elevate the perception of your brand in a cost-effective manner. At Plus Packaging, we offer a variety of options to fit the needs of various businesses across every industry.

Learn More About Branded Custom Printed Tissue Paper

Custom-printed tissue paper is effective as both a standalone packaging solution, as well as a complement to mailing and plastic bags. As with the rest of our packaging products, custom printed tissue paper does more than protect your product during transit. Some of the other more compelling benefits are:

  • Enhances your product, helping it to stand out
  • Allows you to advertise on printed tissue
  • Provides an affordable way to make your clients remember your company

Tissue paper enhances the overall unboxing experience for your customers. Simple tissue paper, flooded in one solid color that matches your brand, can be used to line apparel boxes and keep that new sweater looking pristine.

Meanwhile, tissue paper printed with your scripted font logo can add a touch of elegance to a florist’s boutique holiday arrangements.  Although it may seem subtle, this extra little touch can go a long way towards generating excitement about your product.

Check out our Portfolio here if you’d like to see some real-world examples of our products!

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Our custom printed tissue paper is available in a number of colors, and each color option is beater-dried to resist running, bleeding, or fading. Contact us, or call us at 888-959-4797, to learn how custom printed tissue paper can benefit your business.