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We offer a variety of custom tissue paper options, including food safe tissue paper, at Plus Packaging. We are your wholesale tissue paper supplier.

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Why Custom Tissue Paper?

Branded tissue paper is one of the best ways to put your brand in your customers’ hands. You make a memorable connection between their favorite products and your company. How you ask?

Your packaging is the first impression your consumers will have of you and your brand. And in order to create a memorable experience, you need to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

We can help by printing custom tissue paper for all of your retail and wholesale packaging needs. Our paper has an elegant finish that adds class to any package design and we offer food safe waxed tissue paper as well. Don’t forget, when you order custom tissue paper in bulk, you get the best wholesale pricing we have.

Plus, we offer dozens of color options so you can choose something that compliments your branding perfectly! This way, each time someone opens one of your packages they’ll be greeted with a bright burst of color and an invitation to explore what lies inside! And yes, you can print all of these colors and design options for wholesale tissue paper orders!

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Embracing the Power of Custom Tissue Paper

Something special happens when a package arrives. There are feelings of excitement and anticipation, similar to a feeling one gets when they receive a gift from a loved one.

Now, imagine yourself enjoying the simplicity of a snack or opening a gift with custom tissue paper. You tear open that satisfying seal, crinkle up your nose at the sound it makes, and bring in all those sweetly scented colors for an instant sensory experience!

The colors of the tissue are vibrant and happy. The crinkling texture is satisfying to touch. And as they’re about to unveil their contents; something new or delicious emerges… sparking pure joy.

Add your logo to tissue paper and relate those memories to your brand

When people think back on it later in life, these moments are what trigger memories of warmth and satisfaction. These moments are not only rich with sensory triggers, but they help enhance what feels like a perfect day already: laughter from friends or family over food; excitement as someone opens their gift; an engaging story unfolding on TV.

With so many opportunities to be engaged by color and texture, how could these moments not connect us better than ever before? That’s why our team is here always looking for ways to empower brands through design-driven product innovation.

Wholesale tissue paper printed with your logo or design is a great way to make your company stand out. Especially for those moments when buyers receive, enjoy or discover something new.

Packaged goods can help create an emotional connection between shoppers and your company’s products by associating pleasant emotions through custom printed packaging materials such as customized branded tissue paper sheets.

When you promote your brand with custom tissue paper you will create moments that are packed full of positive emotions. Order custom tissue paper in bulk for our most competitive pricing.

What if we told you there’s more?

custom branded tissue paper

What Customized Tissue Paper Does for your Brand

To the untrained eye, tissue paper is just tissue paper.

But what if it wasn’t? What if your customers saw you put the same care and attention into your packaging as you do your overall brand? What if it was marketing swag?

Custom branded packaging materials are a great way to show off that you value quality and detail in everything you do. Our custom printed tissues will make an impression on your audience, whether they’re clients or potential ones!

Every brand has a unique personality that’s reflected in every detail of their packaging. The same is true for custom tissue paper.

Custom tissue paper is often overlooked as just another part of the packaging process, but it can make or break your product presentation. If you don’t have custom printed tissue paper available to wrap your products, then you are missing out on an opportunity to develop and reinforce your brand identity with each customer interaction.

Increase exposure by creating an unforgettable experience for buyers at home, work, or any place they might interact with your product. Custom printed tissue paper adds value and offers a touch of class to any gift set or promotional item without breaking the bank.

Our wholesale tissue paper and bulk printing services are fast and easy so that you can start marketing right away. Ready to see the difference? Upload your logo for a free digital mock-up!

Food Safe Waxed Tissue Paper
personalized tissue paper

How to Use Custom Tissue Paper for Your Business

Standalone Paper Packaging – Stand-alone paper packaging is a great way to display your logo and make your product stand out. The difference between this and regular wrapping paper, however, is that the use of colored branded tissue paper creates an eye-catching effect for customers who are shopping around in stores or browsing online. This type of custom design can be used by boutique owners as well as cosmetic creators when they’re releasing new products on their site.

Individual paper packaging will not only add color but also creativity if you’re looking to differentiate your business or brand from other companies competing with yours.

custom tissue paper bulkUnboxing Experience – When you combine custom printed tissue paper with custom printed mailing bags (we offer custom paper mailers and custom poly mailers) your investment in protecting and packing products is exponentially multiplied. The excitement a customer feels when they unbox their new product will be attached to the name on that packing material for years to come.

Elegant Presentation – Florists show pride in their work with elegantly scripted designs on custom tissue paper around bouquets. Clothing retailers and beauty experts enhance the luxury of their textiles with carefully lined packages.

How else can you use this material to heighten the experience of interacting with your products?

Food Service – Restaurant and food truck owners use custom, environmentally conscious wax tissue paper as an alternative to containers that are expensive or difficult for customers. When chefs serve their dishes on these specialty sheets of paper, it reduces waste by making sure nothing is thrown away before it’s gone bad while giving customers a convenient way to hold your dish securely without dirtying their hands. Customers get hungry just looking at the logo from all those delicious sips!

Gifts and Giveaways – When customers buy your products as gifts, it is the most meaningful way to share your brand with new people. You can increase brand recall among those who interact with these types of events by lining gift bags at trade shows or conventions with custom white tissue paper in full color! Custom printed tissue paper will help build trust with customers and prove that you care about their purchase as much as they do.

Our custom printing service allows anyone to create unique artwork for any type of print job imaginable. We offer high-quality prints on top-of-the-line materials so all of our products look amazing while being completely functional at the same time! Ordering custom tissue paper in bulk quantities will allow us to give you the best price possible.

Tissue paper is often an afterthought in product packaging. It’s used to keep the contents of a package from rattling around, but it’s not really considered part of the brand story or marketing message when customers receive their order.

If you’re ready to imagine the possibilities for your business, contact our team today! At Plus Packaging we believe your tissue paper can be more than just another component in your packaging—it can be a key storytelling element that helps you build emotional connections with customers and prospects.

We want to help you tell stories with custom tissue paper by creating custom printed sheets with your logo. For any purpose, including standalone boxes, gift wrapping, and an elevated unboxing experience. Our team will work closely with you to understand your goals for your branding and business.

We design custom tissue papers using ink in a variety of colors that suit your brand. We create images or text that reflect your company’s personality or brand identity.

We’ll also make recommendations on how best to incorporate our custom tissues into your overall packaging strategy so they have maximum impact on consumers as they open up their packages at home or at work.

We’ll help you choose ink colors that highlight your products and enhance your brand image while getting just what you need from a quality custom tissue paper company at an affordable price.

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Branded Wholesale Tissue Paper in Bulk

As your volume increases, we can ensure that you maintain consistency of quality. Ask about our printed tissue paper in bulk options and Custom Tissue Paper Bulkcustom printed tissue paper wholesale when ordering larger quantities of logo printed tissue paper.

Our team will help make sure you’re ready to deliver those orders while showcasing and promoting your brand with confidence.

Plus Packaging has got you covered! With our background and expertise, we’ll take care of your needs to make sure that everything is just the way it should be.

You can depend on us for quality service with competitive prices–what more could you ask for?

Work with a Pro – At Plus Packaging, an experienced consultant will work through all possible solutions tailored to fit your company’s values. We guarantee that every solution fits within your budget and goals so there are no worries when working with one of our liaisons today!

View our Custom Printed Tissue Paper Portfolio to see real-world examples of our products and start imagining how custom tissue can be a game-changer for your business!

Customized Tissue Paper from Plus Packaging

Ready to take your brand packaging to the next level? Contact us today to start designing your own custom printed tissue paper!

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