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American Chemistry Council

The American Chemistry Council provides information on the safe use of plastics for business. You can educate yourself on the latest legislation and find out about the chemical effects of your product choices.

Plastics Industry Association

The Plastics Industry Association works towards greater industry transparency for those who use plastics. They also ensure businesses throughout the United States enjoy globally competitive pricing agreements.

Flexible Packaging

Learn more about the flexible packaging industry, including information on how the FPA promotes packaging advances.

Food and Service Packaging Institute

The FPI has been delivering information on why food service industry-specific packaging benefits businesses since 1933. It includes information on hygiene, cost-saving, and more.

Institute of Packing Professionals

With deep industry research into the world of packaging and stronger peer-to-peer connections, the Institute of Packing Professionals strengthens industry knowledge.


When you want the latest news in the world of plastic materials, subscribe to the blog at Plastics.

Packaging News and Resources

Packaging Digest

In a bid to remain eco-friendly, many businesses look toward adapting their approach to packaging. Packaging Digest features useful tips, as well as the latest news in the packaging industry.

Packaging Strategies

Packaging Strategies delves deep into the world of different packaging techniques, using a variety of real-life business examples.