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Our Team has been delivering high quality branded packaging to various industries for nearly 50 years. We know how to translate needs and ideas into physical solutions.


Stop dealing with numerous suppliers. At Plus Packaging you cooperate with one expert to fulfill all your packaging needs – seamlessly, right on time and all the way.


Whether you’re just considering what to choose or you’re already waiting for an order delivery, remember that we are here for you, from start to finish. Contact us and see for yourself.


Trusted for 50 years, our team of packaging professionals has been delivering solutions to American and Canadian brands expressing a true variety of business needs. We pride ourselves in producing locally and always prioritize maintaining the highest quality. This is why our portfolio is based only on products we know through and through. Whether you search for poly mailing bags, paper retail bags, printed tapes or tissue paper, we support you all along the way, from the initial interest to the order delivery.

We want to make sure you are satisfied with the end product. Apart from preparing mockups, we keep you informed about possible outcomes of the choices you make along the way. We always do our best to support you with our industry knowledge. Not sure which product to pick? Make use of our Inspirations and see how Plus Packaging helped various brands excel at packaging.

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For nearly 50 years we’ve been helping businesses from various industries solve their packaging problems. We have the right tools and experience to make your brand stand out. We can make it cost-efficient too.

Our experts can’t wait to listen to your needs and discover what packaging works best for your brand.

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Every brand has unique needs and we know it is no different when it comes to packaging. The solutions we design together revolve around your goals and objectives. Whether it’s a colorful, luxurious poly mailer or a minimalistic, sustainable paper bag, it all comes down to reflecting your brand in packaging, which so often acts as a first physical touchpoint between a business and its customer. Our goal is to take the weight off your shoulders and use our extensive experience to make your packaging cost-efficient, while enhancing your brand identity and telling the world who you really are.

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