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Custom Packaging Makes a Lasting Impression 

Did you know — according to DotCom Distribution, 61% of customers say they’re more likely to repeat a purchase when they love the packaging. 40% say they’re likely to share a picture on social media.

The bottom line? Your packaging matters to the growth of your brand and your business. At Plus Packaging, we’ve dedicated over 40 years to delivering dynamic, cost-effective, and efficient custom packaging solutions — helping brands like yours connect with customers and grow in the marketplace.

With a wide range of customization options and an experienced packaging design team that supports you according to exactly what you need or want.

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A Personalized Approach to Custom Branded Packaging

Plus Packaging’s personalized approach means our team is with you through the entire process, from product selection, to design, to delivery. Whether you need branded custom shipping bags, packaging tape, shopping bags, custom tissue paper, or anything else — we’ll help you make sure it’s the right size with the right design, so that your company has access to the most cost-efficient and impactful custom packaging solutions.

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Our Custom Packaging Products

Get to know our complete selection of custom-branded packaging products. 

Many of our solutions include an extensive range of customization options, so please feel free to talk to our team or use the form on the right of this page if you have any questions.

Custom Printed Poly Mailing Bags

Custom printed poly mailer bags are an efficient, budget-friendly packaging option that allows for vivid custom prints. They’re a great alternative to boxes if you’re shipping non-fragile products. With no assembly required, you get durable packaging that saves time, space, and money. Our poly mailers come in a variety of sizes, with standard and padded options.

Explore Custom Poly Mailers

Custom Printed Paper Mailing Bags

Plus Packaging custom printed paper mailing bags can be made with paperboard or reinforced Kraft paper. They’re efficient, lightweight, tamper-resistant and water-resistant. We offer custom paper mailers in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes.

Explore Custom Paper Mailers

Custom Packaging Tape

Sometimes it’s all about the finishing touches. Custom packing tape is a great way to secure your boxes while adding a branded accent to your customers’ unboxing experience. Our branded tape comes in a range of colors, widths, and grades.

Explore Custom Packaging Tape

Custom Printed Tissue Paper

Custom printed tissue paper adds extra security in your packaging and shipping, while creating another branded impression in the unwrapping experience of your customers or their giftees. Our tissue paper is high-quality, holds vivid prints, and is available in various sizes. Plus, our waxed tissue paper is great for food vendors.

Explore Custom Tissue Paper

Custom Branded Shopping Bags

Go beyond standard “thank you” bags, and make a brand impression with every shopping bag you distribute. Learn more about our custom shopping bag solutions, including paper and plastic options, as well as custom business tote bags.

Printed Paper Shopping Bags

For in-store purchases, food deliveries, and restaurant takeout — custom paper shopping bags are an impactful retail packaging solution. Our branded paper bags come in Natural Kraft or White Kraft Paper options, with vivid printing, in a variety of sizes and styles.

Explore Custom Paper Shopping Bags

Printed Plastic Shopping Bags

Available in a range of styles and colors, custom printed plastic bags are functional and affordable custom solutions that can feature your brand colors, logo, and more. Get your business in front of more eyes without spending extra.

Explore Custom Plastic Shopping Bags

Food Packaging

Did you know that 82% of in-store purchase decisions are made the moment a customer sees the packaged product on the shelf? With our custom food packaging, you get superior protection and presentation. With food-safe, leak-proof materials, hermetic heat seals and more, you can’t go wrong with our flexible food packaging.

Explore Branded Food Packaging

Stock Products

Sometimes standard stock packaging product is all you need or want for your shipping. With everything from stock boxes and mailing bags to chipboard cartons, bubble wrap, and other cushioning products — we have everything you need to get your product to your customer securely.

See Stock Packaging Options

Specialty/Other Custom Packaging Products

Can’t find what you’re looking for in the custom packaging solutions above? Remember, Plus Packaging solutions are truly custom, and we offer specialty packaging options to cover any other solution you might be looking for, including eco friendly packaging! Our specialty packaging options are customized to suit your brand and fit your product’s unique needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I already have my own artwork for my custom packaging?

No problem. Our custom packaging artwork team is here to help if they’re needed. We’ll go over the artwork for your custom packaging or custom boxes with you and make sure it’s print-ready. We can create your custom designs from scratch, collaborate as an extra set of eyes, or simply fit your design to your packaging. Whatever you need.

How long before I get my custom packaging?

While we promise great turnaround times on all finished products, initial delivery of your printed custom packaging can depend on how long the design process takes. The packaging solution you choose is also a factor, as they all have different production times. Contact us to discuss our delivery service, timelines, minimum order quantities, and more.

How can Plus Packaging help me?

Competitive pricing, a wide range of high-quality custom packaging options, amazing customer service, and an unforgettable experience are part of the package when you partner with Plus Packaging. If you’re looking for solutions your customers will love and make a lasting impression, then talk to one of our passionate consultants today. Grow your business and increase brand loyalty with custom printed packaging that impresses.

Custom Packaging Provider That Helps Grow Your Business

We’re dedicated to working with you to create customized packaging products that help you optimize your supply chain and forge lasting connections with your customers. With over 40 years of experience serving companies like yours, we’re ready to help with all your branded packaging needs.

Contact our team to learn more about our custom packaging solutions or upload your logo to get a free mockup today. We look forward to helping you design stunning custom packaging that helps you grow your brand and your business.

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