Splash of Sustainability in Every Bag

Introducing Plus-H2O Water Soluble Bags – the clear future of packaging. Leaving no trace but a positive impact on the environment, these water soluble and compostable bags redefine the meaning of sustainable innovation.

PlusH2O Water Soluble Bags

*Minimum Order Quantity: 40,000 pieces
**Average turnaround time: 8-10 weeks from artwork approval

Vanishing Act

Plus-H2O Water Soluble Bags perform a mesmerizing vanishing act, dissolving completely in water with effortless grace. This unique feature ensures a hassle-free and fully eco-friendly disposal method, eliminating the need for traditional waste management.

Witness the magic as your packaging disappears, leaving behind nothing but a positive environmental impact.

Eco-Friendly Champion

Crafted from the eco-conscious PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol), Plus-H2O Bags embody a commitment to sustainability. By choosing these water soluble wonders, you contribute to a cleaner planet, reducing plastic waste and embracing an environmentally responsible packaging solution.

These compostable and biodegradable Bags ensure food-chain safety and animal protection.

Strong and Customizable

Despite their dissolvable nature, Plus-H2O Bags boast unexpected durability, being 3 times stronger than usual plastic. This strength doesn’t compromise the broad availability of customization options.

Tailor the Plus-H2O Bags to align perfectly with your brand – choose the size and colors that resonate with your unique identity.

Perfect for Your Business

Fashion Retailers and Boutiques

Sustainability-Driven Brands

Ecommerce Giants

Gifts and Toys

Homeware and Accessories

Promotional Merchandise and Events

Customize Your Water Soluble Bag

Lip & Tape
Sustainability Water Soluble, Compostable, Biodegradable, Reusable
Minimum Order Quantity 40,000 pieces
Material* 1mil PVA film
Material Color Clear
Print Technique Flexographic Print
Print Options 1 side
Print Colors Up to 4 colors
Print Coverage depends on the chosen size
Available Sizes 9” x 12” + 1.5” Lip & Tape
12” x 16” + 1.5” Lip & Tape
12” x 18” + 1.5” Lip & Tape
14” x 20” + 1.5” Lip & Tape

*Because of its soluble nature, our Bags should be used as internal packaging.


Discover a wide range of Water Soluble Bags with our bulk order service. Contact us to learn more and find a perfect solution for your business.