What is Custom Retail Packaging?

Custom retail packaging can include mailing bags, shopping bags, tissue paper, packing tape, and other elements that create a branded experience of buying, receiving, and opening your product. Custom retail packaging can include your colors, logo, business name, slogan, and more to identify your business.

You’ve built your entire retail business with the intention of being unique. Your logo makes a connection. Your brand message builds trust. Enhance customer loyalty by incorporating your unique brand and style into your retail packaging.

Plain boxes and bags are just mail. Custom poly mailers generate excitement the second they arrive. Plain retail bags blend in. Branded retail bags make everyone wonder what they hold. Send your products out in style, whether directly from your retail location or by mail.

What are the Different Types of Custom Retail Packaging?

There are many different types of retail packaging such as poly mailers, paper mailing bags, tissue paper, plastic bags and more.  Your needs will depend on your business as well as what you sell. Your product may require packaging appropriate for shipping, keeping food safe, or just for walking around the mall.

Custom printed poly mailers offer a unique way to ship your products, providing businesses and consumers the advantages of recyclability, resilience, and customization. For mail order businesses, these custom printed shipping bags serve as a cost-effective alternative to boxes, which cost more to ship.

Paper mailing bags are an environmentally friendly way to ship your product and leave a lasting impression on your customer.  Our custom paper mailing bags are made with recycled materials and are 100% recyclable, so they’re eco-friendly too.

Custom printed plastic bags turn your customer into a brand ambassador. From sturdy plastic handle bags for retail customers to food-grade zipper bags perfect for packaging ingredients, our selection of custom printed plastic bags is expansive and versatile.

Custom printed paper bags are great for tradeshows, events, promotional opportunities and in-store purchases. Stylish and secure, custom printed paper bags also serve as an effective marketing tool. The ability to add your company name, logo, or slogan is one of several ways to reinforce the relationship between your brand and your loyal customers.

Custom packing tape will keep your package secure while adding visual, branded appeal. Plus Packaging is highly selective about the custom packing tape products we supply. You can’t risk tape failure or fading, so always work with a trusted partner to provide the best custom tape for your application.

Custom tissue paper is often overlooked as just another part of the packaging process, but it can make or break your product presentation. If you don’t have custom printed tissue paper to wrap your products, then you are missing out on an opportunity to develop and reinforce your brand identity with each customer interaction.

Flexible packaging offers resealable zippers and protection against leaks and damage. Flexible packaging materials can be molded to fit and protect products of any shape and is often used for food packaging, but it has so many more uses!

Branded food packaging promotes your brand and keeps your edible products safe. We know that consumers inspect food packaging more thoroughly than any other type, so having the highest-quality branded food packaging is essential.

Whether you are shipping your product or handing it to your customer at the cash register, we have a variety of custom retail packaging solutions for all businesses.

What are the Benefits of Using Custom Retail Packaging?

You can’t be everywhere, but your retail packaging can be.  On the shelf, in a mailbox, or on the arm of a loyal customer, your custom retail packaging is always promoting your business, even when you can’t.

Use our poly mailers for shipping to generate excitement as soon as the package arrives. Custom printed retail bags turn your customers into brand ambassadors. When you work with our team to create your wholesale retail packaging, we’ll listen to your specific needs to develop the right artwork and messaging, determine the right quantities for your goals, and help you stay within budget.

What types of Businesses can Benefit from Custom Retail Packaging?

Retail businesses across every industry have a few goals in common: build brand recognition, provide quality products, and create loyal customers who become part of your marketing strategy. With over 40 years in the packaging industry, we at Plus Packaging know how the right branded packaging can help you achieve these goals:

  • Clothing: Whether you are sending customers out from your brick and mortar location, or shipping online sales from your distribution center, custom shipping bags and mailers turn your customers into influencers. Empower your customers to help tell your story, and they will do it proudly. Save by ordering in bulk, and always be ready for the holiday and big sale rushes.
  • Food: Colors, fonts, and keywords on branded food packaging are crucial to persuading customers in their food buying decisions. Read through our blog to see how we’ve helped countless food manufacturers and preparers increase sales with mouth-watering custom packaging features.
  • Sports: Within a second of seeing the logo of any big-name sports brand, consumers make a number of judgments about the quality of that product. You stand behind your equipment. Your customers will, too, when you increase confidence through branded packaging, retail bags, and custom packing tape.
  • Health, Beauty, and Wellness: Creative and eye-catching retail packaging will attract potential customers to your products, while your quality ingredients turn them into loyal clients. Add special touches like custom tissue paper to heighten the experience.
  • Other Industries: No matter your industry, we can help you provide a more complete experience in your retail packaging. Explore our custom packaging products and our portfolio to kindle your imagination, and then contact expert team to see how we can integrate customized packaging into your brand strategy.

Why Choose Plus For Your Custom Retail Packaging Needs?

For over 40 years Plus Packaging, Inc. has been creating packaging solutions for businesses big and small. From impeccable printing quality to reasonable minimums and affordable pricing, Plus Packaging is committed to the satisfaction of our customers and we strive to exceed your every expectation.

Staying true to the personal approach that we take, Plus Packaging supports each client throughout the entire process—from product selection to design to delivery. We’re happy to guide you through the process.

For packaging, sales, and shipping, rely on our experienced team to help you develop consistently reliable and attractive solutions. Contact us or call to determine your custom retail packaging needs and see how we can help you display your business professionally across your brand.

Join the ranks of businesses and individuals across the nation that rely on Plus Packaging every day to carry out their most successful operations. In our relationships with businesses in apparel and accessories, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, hospitality, and other industries, we have gained the skill and experience necessary to create something both you and your customers will love.

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