Custom Kraft Paper Mailers

Are you looking for environmentally-friendly branded packaging that will leave a lasting impression on your customers?

Our sturdy custom kraft mailers can be printed with your logo or design, and mailing bags are efficient on space and shipping costs, making them a better alternative to storing cartons or boxes.

And, since our custom paper mailers are made with recycled materials and 100% recyclable, they’re eco-friendly too.

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Plus Packaging custom paper mailer bags are:

  • Biodegradable and compostable
  • Reinforced, strong, and sturdy
  • Water resistant
  • Printed with high-quality water-based inks
  • Cheaper than storing and mailing cartons or boxes

To learn more or get a quote on custom paper mailers, contact our team today.

(For a similar mailing bag option that’s efficient, sustainable, tamper resistant, and 100% waterproof — try our Custom Printed Poly Mailers.)

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What options are available for printed paper mailers?

Our custom mailing bags are available in a variety of popular length, width, and depth capacities.

Paper Mailing Bag Sizes

Sizes range from 4” or 5” width x 20” length, and our largest size is 14.25” x 20”. Printing area sizes are the same as the mailing bag as we can print any size.

Plus Packaging also offers D1 size bubble envelopes and puncture-resistance mailing bags in a range of sizes. In addition, we can provide gusseted envelopes with depths between 2” and 3”. Please get in touch with us to discuss the most popular sizes and custom sizes to suit your requirements.

Eco-Shipper Paperboard Mailing Bags

  • 5” to 14.25” in width
  • 10” to 20” in length
  • Gusseted sizes range from 5” x 2” x 10” to 12.5” x 4” x 20”

Nylon Reinforced Kraft Paper Mailing Bags

  • 4” to 12.5” in width
  • 2” to 20” in length
  • Gusseted sizes range from 4” x 2” x 10” to 12.5” x 4” x 20”


Whether your brand is fun or serious, we have custom paper mailing bags and packaging to reflect your image. In addition, we can create custom padded envelopes and padded paper bags with your company logo and colors for items that need extra protection.

Eco-Natural paper mailing bags

Our standard paper mailer, the Eco-Natural paper mailer is made from 100% recycled content. They’re also 100% biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable.

Paperboard mailing bags

Eco Shipper Paperboard Mailing Bags are made with a minimum of 50% recycled materials, and they’re fully recyclable. Their sturdier structure can be an element of your brand design, as well as a way to give your products extra protection.

Nylon Reinforced Kraft Paper Mailing Bags

Our Nylon Reinforced Kraft Paper Mailing Bags are made from two sheets of 35 natural Kraft paper reinforced with fiberglass threads. Strong and sturdy, Kraft Paper Mail Bags keep their contents safe and secure until your items are delivered to your customers.

What are the benefits of using custom paper mailers for shipping?

Custom paper mailing bags are a great way to make a branded impression and save money while selling and shipping items to your customers.

Made from Recycled Materials. 100% Recyclable.

More and more consumers are choosing companies that use sustainable products. Plus Packaging paper mailers are lightweight and made with recycled materials, so they’re an environmentally-friendly way to mail your items out to your customers.

Strong and sturdy custom paper mailers

Our paper mailers are made from two sheets of natural kraft paper and reinforced with fiberglass threads. We also offer rigid paperboard mailers. Either mailer will keep its contents safe on the journey from your facility to its destination.


Our custom paper mailers are available with an open end or peel-and-seal lip, to make assembly easy. We also have nylon-reinforced paper mailing bags and rigid paperboard options, each in a variety of standard sizes and depth capacities.

Cost and Space Efficient

Paper mailers eliminate the need for bulky boxes, plus, you can ship more for less with packaging that is sized right for your product. They’re lightweight and easy to store, so you can save on storage space, assembly time, and shipping costs.

Stunning Custom Designs

Paper mailing bags are a blank canvas for your custom branded design. Plus Packaging’s design team can help you create your perfect design, and your custom paper mailers will display your prints in bold, attractive colors that make an impression on your customers.

What items can be shipped in kraft mailers?

You can ship a range of products in kraft paper shipping bags, including fashion items, stationery, books, non-fragile jewelry, gifts, accessories, cosmetics, and many others. With different styles available, brands from various industries choose our paper mailing bags for shipping their products.

Is your product a better fit for a custom poly mailer?

If you need fully waterproof mailing bags for toiletries, cosmetics, and more, choose Custom Printed Poly Mailers. These polyethylene delivery bags are made from recycled co-extruded plastic and are 100% recyclable, with tamper-evident sealing options to ensure only the intended recipient opens the mailing bag.

In addition, custom printed tissue paper makes an attractive filler and helps to protect your items and advertise your brand. Choose tissue paper in your brand’s colors to make an impact while reinforcing quality and consistency.

What are kraft mailers made of?

Our paper mailing bags have between 50-100% recycled content. They’re made from rigid paperboard or flexible Kraft paper reinforced with fiberglass threads, with the option to further reinforce your package with nylon padding. (See above.)

Self-adhesive strip

Single self-seal adhesive strips save time during the packaging process. Kraft Paper Mailing Bags are available with an open-end or a peel-and-seal lip and tape closure for faster packaging. Peel the adhesive strip and press to seal the mailing bag.

What are the costs of using custom kraft mailers?

Companies can save on shipping costs by choosing eco-friendly paper mailing bags that are the right size for their product, rather than paying postage costs for bulkier cartons and boxes. 

With Plus Packaging, your ability to customize the size of your packaging means your mailing bag will be exactly the right size for your product, which can save you money on shipping. The space-efficiency of mailing bags lets you put storage space to better use.

Our team is happy to discuss the best option for your company’s needs according to the color and volume you need. We offer custom quotes, with discounts for higher quantities. Get in touch with our team to learn more about how you can save with custom paper mailers.

A Higher Level of Custom Packaging Solutions

Companies that need higher quality custom packaging trust Plus Packaging. Our experienced team of professional designers can work with you to design the perfect packaging to represent your unique brand. 

Our sustainable paper mailing bags protect your items during shipping and show your customers you care about the environment. Let us help you make the right impression on new and existing customers.

Upload your logo for a free mockup of your paper mailer design. Contact us to discuss your packaging requirements. Our experienced sales team can help you determine the best packaging option for you.

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