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Sell more products with custom-branded food packaging that is high-quality, durable, and attractively designed

As industry leaders for 40 years and counting, Plus Packaging has helped packaged-food businesses get results with customers around the country. 

With extensive experience in specialty food packaging and a wide variety of customizable, flexible packaging options, we are here to help you through every step of creating a cohesive specialty food packaging design that is as unique as your products.

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Why Choose Plus Packaging?

For companies that take their branding and their products seriously — we offer a higher level of custom packaging solutions.

Our experienced shipping & design team works directly with you, to ensure you end up with the most cost-efficient, effective packaging for your products, complete with custom branded designs that make just the right impression in your marketplace.

The Importance of Quality Specialty Food Packaging

At Plus Packaging, you will find a wide range of specialty food-grade, high-quality custom packaging that promotes your brand and keeps your edible products safe. We know that consumers inspect food packaging more thoroughly than any other type, so having the highest-quality flexible packaging is essential. 

What are some of the other benefits that custom food packaging can offer?

Enhances your brand awareness — Printing your logo on food packaging helps you carve out a loyal customer base and distinguish yourself from your competitors. Your packaging is your customers’ first opportunity to decide if and why they like your brand. So, the quality of the design matters, in that initial moment and every moment that follows.

Create the right experience — Whether they think about it or not, your customers’ opinions are shaped by the materials, and functionality of your package. The quality of their interaction with your packaging can be a part of their decision to continue buying your products.

Convey important information and connect with customers — Food packaging is inspected more closely than any other type of packaging. From your contact details, to your brand story, to QR codes linking to your website or social media, custom food packaging is a great way to tell potential customers the most important information about your specialty foods.

Specialty Food Packaging that Inspires Consumer Trust

Enhance your customers’ food experience with flexible specialty food packaging that keeps your edible products safe, whether for in-store or online sales. Increase your consumers’ appetites before the first bite, with stunning artwork and imagery that’s designed to entice.

Choose the Right Barrier

Our food packaging options range from low-barrier to high-barrier materials. Contact us to discuss what products you need to package, as well as your design vision, and one of our packaging specialists will assist you in finding the perfect barrier for your products. 

Options include:

  • Compostable bags (PLA)
  • Metalized bags (VMPET foil bags)
  • Crystal clear bags (made from BOPP material)
  • Laminated bags (thicker and more durable)
  • Combo bags (clear fronts with solid/metallic backs)
  • Kraft bags (KPET)

Choose Full-Color, High-Quality Custom Printing

Whether you have a multi-color logo or a single solid-color logo, we can easily print your custom design directly on your packaging or design a custom food label. Create an entire range of coordinated custom-printed specialty food packaging and show your brand off to the world. 

Our range of printing options includes:

  • Full CMYK color, photo-quality printing
  • Metallic/foil printing
  • Faux Kraft printing
  • Matte printing
  • High-gloss printing
  • Holographic printing
  • Custom food label printing

Choose the Right Closure Type and Shape

Whether your food item needs resealable packaging options like our zip or flap seals,  something to prevent leakage for products with high water content, or child-resistant closures — Plus Packaging can help. Even if you need a custom shape, we can find a solution for you.

Closure options include but are not limited to:

  • Tear notches and hang holes
  • Shaped bags
  • Spouts
  • Laser-cut handles or perforations
  • Single, double, and pocket zippers
  • Resealable adhesive on flaps or your bag’s body
  • Custom shape and sized windows
  • Child-resistant closures

What Is the Most Popular Food Packaging?

The specialty food industry has an unlimited range of needs and product varieties. What are you packaging and what size is it? Is it a frozen product, fresh, or is it dry food that can be stored on a pantry shelf?

To get you started with choosing the specialty food packaging that is best for you, here are some ideas on the most common specialty foods packaging options we offer. Remember — they’re available in a variety of materials and with a variety of features, so contact our expert food packaging specialists to discuss the best option for your products.

Food packaging forms include:

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