Eco Friendly Packaging: Make an Impression Without Leaving a Trace

When you choose our environmentally friendly packaging, you’ll make an impression on your customers and reduce your impact on the environment. As experts in the packaging industry, we know the best practices that reduce waste and help sustain resources. You can rely on our knowledge and experience to support your green reputation. Our commitment to conservation is represented throughout our product lines. From mailers to product packaging to accessories, we carefully select materials that are responsibly sourced and recyclable or biodegradable.

Why Eco Friendly Packaging?

Eco-friendly packaging sends the message that your ethics are consistent at every point in the supply chain. Not only do you take pride in creating a great product for your consumers, but you also make sure those products are packaged and delivered by the same high standards. Below are some of the benefits you’ll appreciate in our environmentally friendly packaging:

  • Recycled Packaging: We start out environmentally friendly by producing several of our products from recycled materials. Why reinvent the wheel when you can recycle it?
  • 100% Recyclable: Our eco-friendly packaging will be useful long after your package is delivered to the customer. Rather than clogging the landfills, most of our products can be recycled. Add “Recycle Me” messaging when you supply artwork for your custom printed packaging.
  • Water-based ink: Our commitment to conservation flows into the very last detail. No harmful dyes will seep into the soil and water. Take a look through our portfolio to see the versatility of this sustainable feature.
  • Fewer shipping materials: Our eco-friendly packaging is efficiently sized to reduce materials, which eliminates the need for bulky boxes and cartons. Our padded and bubble mailers avoid even more waste by reducing the need for packing fillers and tape. For an attractive filler solution, add our custom-printed tissue paper, which is also recyclable.
  • Lower shipping costs and resources: Your packages will take up less cargo room, which reduces costs by allowing more goods to travel in each shipment. Fewer shipping containers over land and sea reduces fossil fuel consumption, as well as wear and tear on modes and paths of transportation.

Explore the Flexibility of Environmentally Friendly Packaging

When you put your name and logo on our eco-friendly packaging, you can be confident that your brand is being represented by high-quality material. Your brand identity is a priority to us, so we will make sure that our attractive and functional packaging reflects your core values. When you contact us, we’ll go over several options to fit your needs:

  • Eco-Shipper Paperboard Mailing Bags: Made from at least 50% recycled materials and 100% recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable, these bags are serious about being green. Available in Natural Kraft or White, this recycled packaging can be custom printed with your logo and artwork.
  • Poly Mailing Bags: Go green without sacrificing quality, security, or creativity. Our poly mailing bags are vibrant and durable; they are also efficient and 100% recyclable. Show off both your brand and your environmental conscience with these versatile mailers.
  • Envelopes: Contact us to find the envelope size and type that works for your flat items. Envelopes are available in several materials and thicknesses, including padded, and they always keep your shipping costs low. This classic packaging doesn’t have to be boring, though; custom printing will make your package stand out from the crowd.
  • Tissue Paper: Add product protection, your brand message, and that extra something special in this one versatile product! Custom printed tissue paper shows your customers that you pay attention to every detail, and it helps you avoid wasteful fillers.
  • Flexible Packaging: Protect your product from rough handling and the elements, while maximizing its shelf life with Flexible Packaging. Customized to fit your exact needs, these multipurpose packages are recyclable and biodegradable.

Why Branded Eco-Friendly Packaging?

Branded eco-friendly packaging shows your customers that you are as serious about your business as you are about environmental conservation. By going the extra step to show confidence in your product from inception to delivery, you’ll show customers that you are a worthy supplier. Our recycled packaging, recyclable bags and mailers, and eco-friendly accessories are boosting business in a variety of industries:

  • Retail
  • E-commerce
  • Wholesale
  • Shipping
  • Marketing
  • Outreach
  • Food Manufacturing

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