Packaging Inspiration

Inexpensive Packaging Ideas for Retailers

No matter how you retail your products, whether it be through the growing world of online shopping or out of a traditional brick-and-mortar shop, you want your brand to stand out and your professionalism to shine. From printed food-safe plastic bags for gourmet snacks to colorfully designed packing tape to seal your apparel shipments, branding is becoming more and more important when it comes to standing out and creating customer loyalty. While advertising in the form of televised commercials, digital banner ads, or printed billboards is certainly one way to establish your brand and appeal to current and potential customers, printed packing materials do just the same at a fraction of the cost.

Plus Packaging is your source for both custom and stock packaging and shipping products, dedicated to clients that span a diverse range of industries. Here are some of our favorite inexpensive packaging ideas, designed to have a big impact on your customers and a minimal impact on your bottom line.

Affordable Packaging Ideas that Make an Impact

There are plenty of affordable products that can be custom-designed to align with your brand. From an eco-friendly hospitality group that values clean design and soothing colors to an edgy jewelry business that prefers to stand out, we’ve successfully helped businesses throughout the nation with affordable products that make an impact. Here are some cost-effective options available to you:

  • Printed Tape – Printed tape makes an impact much more than you’d think. Imaging receiving a plain cardboard box, no branded marks or any indication of what might be inside. Sure, the contents may display the brand, but there’s something to be said about making a great first impression before the box is even opened. For example, a food subscription business might use tape with fun printed phrases, such as “Let’s get cooking!” or “You’re about to go yum!” to secure the box while immediately tempting taste buds.
  • Tissue Paper – Tissue paper is a great way to add an extra something special to your packaging. Simple tissue paper, flooded in one solid color that matches your brand, can be used to line apparel boxes and keep that new sweater looking pristine. Meanwhile, tissue paper printed with your scripted font logo can add a touch of elegance to a florist’s boutique holiday arrangements.  Although it may seem subtle, this extra little touch can go a long way towards generating excitement about your product.
  • Mailing Bags – When it comes to mail order apparel, pharmaceutical, or jewelry businesses, mailing bags serve as a cost-effective option for both shipping and branding. Plastic mailings bags are lightweight and flexible, meaning you can avoid costly dimensional shipping prices. On the branding side, mailing bags can be printed with your logo or an encouraging phrase, like Hailee Grace’s “well, obviously you have good taste.”  The options are endless!

For More Inexpensive Packaging Ideas…

These are just a few of the many ways custom packaging can support your retail business, keeping costs low and engagement high. The representatives of Plus Packaging can assist in creating custom products that suit your needs and make your brand stand out. We even offer eco-friendly options to support today’s green businesses!

Contact us today to learn more about our artwork requirements or use our convenient online logo viewer to sample design your selected product.