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Packaging Ideas for Retail Jewelry Businesses

Plus Packaging Packaging Inspiration 2 min read
Packaging Ideas for Retail Jewelry Businesses

When people think about retail jewelry packaging, they typically imagine the typical velvet box that’s placed inside a small box with a logo. While that may be the favored packaging for large jewelry chains selling diamonds, precious stones, and other fine jewelry, retailers selling more accessible or customized jewelry – such as handmade, artisan items – may benefit from being more imaginative. Stand out this year with custom-printed packaging for your retail jewelry, including custom tissue paper to complement your handcrafted jewelry!”

The Real Purpose of Jewelry Retail Packaging

The Real Purpose of Jewelry Retail Packaging

Packaging provides protection from scratches, dirt, and damage, but designed effectively, it can also do wonders to proliferate your branding and encourage repeat business. This is especially important if your jewelry business is online, as you may need to work harder to stand out from your competitors. Personalized jewelry packaging designs:

  • Enhance Your Professionalism. When purchased items are neatly wrapped in pleasing, coordinated packaging, it inspires in your customers a sense of respectability. Successfully designed packaging tells the world that you are proud of your product, which rubs off on your customers. If customers feel proud of your brand, they are more likely to come back.
  • Promote Goodwill. There is something inexplicably satisfying about receiving a purchased item in holiday-themed wrapping – almost like receiving a Christmas gift or Valentine’s Day surprise. It makes customers feel special and maximizes the goodwill of the holiday. As the saying goes – people remember how you make them feel. They will want to buy from you again and to pass the joy along to their loved ones.
  • Expand Your Brand’s Reach. If you use high quality, attention-grabbing jewelry packaging supplies, you might have customers who decide to reuse them to wrap gifts for their friends and family. These gift recipients may, in turn, ask your customer where the wrapping came from, resulting in instant word-of-mouth advertising for you. Your brand will have made it to a target audience that could have otherwise been out of its reach.

Different Ways to Package Jewelry

Whether you are predominantly an online business or you have a boutique storefront, your packaging style is limited only by your imagination. Here are a few ideas that may spark your creativity.

  • Custom Printed Tissue Paper. Wrapping an item in a few sheets of colored tissue paper that complements your branding and logo is a nice touch. Using a combination that creates a striking visual is a nicer touch. For example, if you use stars in your logo, you could have one sheet of tissue with metallic stars on black or navy, and a sheet that is translucent. The effect you will get is similar to looking up at the stars on a cloudy night. All it takes is a bit of thinking outside the jewelry box!
  • Logo-Printed Packaging Tape. Instead of using the typical clear tape, secure the wrapping with logo-printed tape, or tape with a whimsical saying that works with your brand and messaging. For example, if you make custom, personalized family jewelry, your tape could have a poetic line about the importance of family or the special bond between family members. Touches like that make your customers feel valued and show that you’ve gone the extra mile.
  • Whimsically-Printed Mailer Bags. For online orders, boxes may not be ideal, as their size and shape may increase shipping costs. As pretty as the gift wrapping inside may be, the mailing bag will be the first thing customers see. Why not make a great first impression by making your package stand out with custom mailing bags? Your customers will feel excited as soon as they see it! If your mailing bag is a vibrant color and your logo is small and artistic, they may even keep it for when they need to mail a gift to a loved one.

With forty years in the business, Plus Packaging is your custom retail packaging manufacturer. We can help you design tasteful packaging for your products that will keep you on your customers’ minds long after they’ve received their orders. Contact us to get started!