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Five Qualities of Premium Packaging

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Five Qualities of Premium Packaging

Plus Packaging takes an integrated, holistic approach to custom packaging and shipping products, working closely with our clients across both the mail-order and brick-and-mortar retail industries. Our partners in packaging include great brands such as Bolted Studios, Standard Deviation, Cakest and Alternative Apparel. We sincerely believe that great retail packaging can play a critical role in the branding and marketing of your products. Here are five qualities of great retail packaging that can make the difference where it counts, in the marketplace.

There are five specific qualities all good custom packaging should possess. First, retail packaging should be printed with your logo to make sure your brand is up-front at all times. Items should be secure and professionally packaged using convenient packaging appropriate to your product. Packaging must also be cost-effective, and lastly but never least, your packaging should also be as environmentally friendly as possible.

1. Branding

Our custom packaging options provide professional printing and design so that you can be sure your brand stands out from the crowd. With Plus Packaging’s personalized, custom packing tapes, custom printed tissue paper and packaging you will knock your competition right out of the ballpark.

2. Security

Given the utmost importance of protecting the contents of your packaging, we recommend the use of custom printed reinforced gum tape to ensure the stylish and secure packaging of any cardboard boxes. It is also important to tailor your packaging to your products and we offer a variety of specialist packaging such as custom shipping bags for secure pharmaceutical delivery.

3. Convenient

Plus Packaging supports each client with the selection of the most convenient packaging for your product. We will make sure it is the optimal size without the need for excess packaging, as well as offering features where appropriate, such as zip tops or easy tear opening, designed to provide convenience for both the client and customer.

4. Cost-Effective

Purchasing packaging in bulk, and utilizing cost-effective materials and options, will keep your costs down. This is especially so when you also incorporate logos and graphic designs that offer your customers a fully branded experience. And as an online packaging business, Plus Packaging can pass the savings from our lower operating costs on to you, our valued client.

5. Environmentally-Friendly

Our customers are increasingly environmentally aware and appreciate the use of sustainable or eco-friendly packaging. Plus Packaging fully supports this growing trend for eco-friendly packaging products by offering 100% recycled paper as well as plastics made from up to 40% biodegradable recycled material. Our woven canvas and nylon bags are 100% recyclable and reusable.

Custom Packaging For Your Business

Custom Packaging For Your Business

Plus Packaging’s quality custom packaging and shipping products will provide a fully branded packaging approach integrated with your product lines. And we’re happy to guide you through the process of finding just the right packaging for your needs, whether that’s a mailing envelope for your apparel brand; the perfect branded packaging tape to secure your shipping; or a handle bag material that you can be proud to hand over to your customers. We pride ourselves on staying atop of the latest packaging trends and demands so that we can help your business grow!

We want your branded packaging to really stand out from the crowd while providing the cost-effective quality that your business demands. Contact us today to discuss your packaging needs or take advantage of our helpful logo viewer to see a sample of your own custom packaging supplies!