[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Food packaging must protect the food inside and keep it fresh, as well as hold up under both shipping and customer handling. Even more importantly, though, it must showcase the brand and the food inside. Above all, it must be crave-worthy. With clever design, the right food packaging can create consumer desire. These seven packaging ideas for food have all the right ingredients for marketing success.

1. Lindt Chocolate Santa

Image courtesy of Tesco Shiny foil packaging evokes the holidays—but Lindt elevates that another notch altogether by channeling the spirit of the season and putting its holiday treat inside an image of the jolly old elf. Tied around his waist hangs a bell ornament that customers can use to decorate their own trees after they devour the treat. Lindt tastefully incorporates its classic logo into the design, written in gold to contrast with Santa’s scarlet robe. Who wouldn’t want to come down the stairs to find this chocolate treat in their stocking?

2. Qualitalia Pasta

> From the see-through packages that showcase the naturally colored noodles inside to the colors of the Italian flag on the logo, this package screams “Buy me!” to pasta lovers. The flag’s colors repeat the colors of the tasty noodles inside, while stickers in Italian attest to its authenticity. At the very top of the package, just above the brand’s logo, sits a picture of a golden sheaf of wheat. A magnum opus of both branding and crave-worthy design, this one is the perfect blend of product and promotion.

3. Arcor Strawberry Buds

Image courtesy of Amazon Old-fashioned hard candy can sometimes be a hard sell these days. But these strawberry-flavored drops, filled with juicy strawberry fruit pulp, make customers drool with these strawberry-like wrappers. Just seeing one of these pretty little strawberry wrappers makes a browser think of the luscious fruit taste inside. They’re the perfect packaging for these sweet strawberry treats.

4. ReaLemon / Jif Lemon Juice

Image courtesy of Restaurant Supply Group Back in the 1930s, an enterprising Irving Swartzburg noticed that squeezing lemons could get downright messy with that era’s hand-squeezing technology, shown above. So, he started selling bottled lemon juice to grateful cooks. A couple of decades later, design-forward British company Jif began selling lemon juice in lemon-shaped bottles. ReaLemon followed suit. Though a lawsuit arose in the UK, ReaLemon continued to produce the lemon-shaped juice bottles in the US. With a shape and texture just like a real lemon, ReaLemon’s pretty bottles drive the brand concept home—it’s the real deal. It’s just in a much more convenient form.

5. Hershey Bars

Image courtesy of Hershey’s In a rare honest moment, Mad Men’s Don Draper revealed his true opinion of Hershey Bars: they need no advertising. Why would they—with their iconic wrapper that says it all? Done in rich chocolate brown with silver block lettering, the wrapper itself gives customers a foretaste of the treat that awaits. This branding has been so successful that Hershey's has kept the design constant since 1912. The only changes to the packaging have been internal, such as their recent switch to a single sealed wrapper instead of their traditional glassine inner wrap encased in the familiar brown outer wrap. Branding that says it all in a single glance makes Hershey's one of the finest food packaging home runs ever.

6. Brittle Brothers Brittle

Image courtesy of Brittle Brothers and Plus Packaging Peanut brittle needs to stay fresh and crunchy. This hermetically sealed package keeps all the freshness locked inside. At the same time, it gives prospective customers a “glimpse” at what’s inside with a realistic-looking image of the product. Each package displays the brand prominently with a distinctive logo. Since the company's Southern roots are a big part of their image, they've stamped the notation "Made in Nashville" proudly on the front of each package. The easy-open bag features a zip closure to keep the gourmet brittle fresh. With a hang hole at the top allowing retailers to display the snacks easily, this package is a winner.

7. Jiffy Pop

Image courtesy of Tasty Island Who doesn’t love a bowl of popcorn while binge-watching their favorite series? Back in the day, binge-watching wasn’t a thing, but many people faithfully watched at least one favorite TV program each week. In 1959, Jiffy Pop created a disposable aluminum pan which served as both packaging and pan. Once users removed the paper part, they could place the disposable pan on the stove to cook. A metal wire handle allowed users to remove the pan safely from the heat after the popcorn cooked. Almost as much fun to watch as an episode of "I Love Lucy," the aluminum foil atop the pan expands as it cooks, until it nearly bursts from the expanding kernels. After the hungry cook pierces the foil, the popcorn is ready to eat, right from the pan. With perfect timing - the popcorn cooks in two to five minutes - faithful TV watchers could make a pan of fresh popcorn during a single commercial break. (Commercial breaks are nearly a thing of the past these days, but “pause” still works!) One of the best packaging ideas for food ever, this tasty treat has made a comeback over the last few years. A whole new generation has rediscovered the fun this product provides, making it a favorite TV time treat once again.

Better Packaging Creates the Crave

These clever food packaging ideas all have one thing in common: they create a desire for the product inside with a single glance. When innovative designs pair with top-notch branding, you’ll have crave-worthy food packaging that will have retail customers lining up to buy your products. To learn more about how clever food packaging design impacts sales in the food industry, contact the food branding design experts at Plus Packaging today.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]2762
Online shopping is more popular now than ever before, and the packaging you choose for shipping your products is nearly as important as the products themselves. In choosing effective packaging, you have the opportunity to save your e-commerce business money, boosting your profits in the process. Here's an overview of how you can use unique packaging for your e-commerce products to support your business this holiday season.

Making The Most of Custom Packaging And Shipping Products

There is more to packaging your products than simply packing them in boxes and shipping them out. Follow these guidelines for innovative e-commerce packaging solutions that will save your company money while also building your brand and generating goodwill with your customers. Choose the Right Size and Shape- Standard shipping boxes are becoming a thing of the past as more and more online retailers shift to using custom packaging and shipping products. FedEx, UPS and other shipping companies typically charge by dimensional weight. To save money on shipping costs, your packaging should be the right size for the items you ship. This will also save you money on protective materials to fill extra space in large boxes. Pick Packaging That Is Easy To Open- Opening a package delivered around the holidays can be incredibly exciting. However, packaging that is too difficult to open can diminish that enjoyment, leaving the customer with a negative impression of your business. Instead, choose packaging that is quick and easy to open. Details like perforation and pull-tabs can make a world of difference when your customer tries to open the package, and Plus Packaging has all the options you need to serve your customers best. Showcase Your Brand- The packaging you choose serves as an extension of your brand, letting your customers know exactly what to expect when they open the package. Your customers may even keep the box to reuse, helping to deepen your relationships with your loyal customer base. With the Plus Packaging logo viewer, you can see exactly what your custom packaging will look like before you buy. Reduce Your Environmental Footprint- At Plus Packaging, we offer a wide range of eco-friendly e-commerce packaging solutions. From boxes made from recyclable materials to those made using post-consumer materials, we have everything you need to reduce your impact on the environment while also keeping your customers satisfied with your environmental efforts.

Order Custom Packaging And Shipping Products From Plus Packaging In Time For Holidays

Our design team will be happy to help you create the perfect e-commerce packaging solutions for your business this holiday season. We'll work closely with you to create packaging that is uniquely suited to your organization's products so your company can save both time and money. Our design experts will guide you in designing branded packaging that shows your brand in the best possible light. Reach out to us today to learn more about our custom packaging and shipping products. We will gladly help you create the perfect packaging for shipping your products to your customers.  116
Custom Printed Wax Tissue PaperWhen it comes to indulging, we eat with our eyes first! Throughout their five years of experience in serving up traditional Venezuelan food, Budare Bistro takes this fact very seriously. With an impressive menu including mouthwatering Cachapas, Arepas, and their own unique Tequeños, they knew they needed food-grade packaging that would accentuate the appetizing appearance of their menu items. Here’s a closer look at how Plus Packaging helped this gourmet Miami bistro showcase their traditional Venezuelan cuisine in an eye-grabbing and food-safe way. A hip front-runner of Miami’s gastronomic community, Budare Bistro required appealing packaging that wouldn’t take away from the tasty appearance of their freshly prepared food. Their printed wax tissue paper, created by Plus Packaging, showcases the logo of this highly-acclaimed restaurant while keeping patrons mess-free, despite piling on the tasty fillings! Serving up everything from classic hot dogs to traditional Venezuelan empanadas, there’s no denying that their food looks extra-appetizing when conveniently wrapped in their own custom printed tissue paper. And when you’ve got a loyal customer base hailing from Venezuela and Colombia, you better be sure your food stands out! Keep your patrons coming back for more with a little help from Plus Packaging. Together, we’ll craft everything your business may need, from custom printed wax tissue paper to printed paper bags, and beyond. Learn more about our printed wax tissue paper and other custom packaging supplies by contacting us. You may also utilize our handy logo viewer to see just what we’re capable of! 113
There’s nothing like seeing a child’s eyes light up as they take their first look at their very own birthday cake. With a mission to prolong that very moment, Cakest has designed beginner-friendly cake kits for home bakers of every level. Each kit, in styles that range from kitty cats to fire trucks, contains the ingredients needed to whip up a cake that looks and tastes delicious. To display their whimsical cake designs and fun personality, Cakest came to Plus Packaging seeking retail product packaging ranging from printed box labels for shipping to food-grade packaging for their pre-portioned ingredients. Together, their custom packaging products create one cohesive look for the brand, appealing to customers before they even turn on the oven. Custom Packaging Supplies that Let Customers Eat with their Eyes Custom Retail Packaging for Cakest Though they may be a startup, Cakest has a clearly defined personality—one of whimsy and charm. Their product packaging simply had to follow suit. From logo-printed labels for the boxes in which they ship their cake kits to small package labels for their packets of fondant and cake mix, Plus Packaging designed packaging supplies that met their style and personality. As soon as customers receive the kit at their doorstep, they’ll know they’re in for a treat. We’re pleased with what we were able to create with Cakest and can’t wait to see their continued success! To learn more about custom designing your own product packaging, you may contact us. You may also see a sample of your design on mailing bags, tissue paper, and more by using our handy logo viewer161
This month at the FIFA World Cup, football’s top stars will show their green spirit by wearing jerseys that have been made from recycled plastic water bottles. Nike, which manufactured the jerseys, has announced that many of the world’s leading players including Cristiano Ronaldo, Robinho and Ji-Sung Park will take to the pitch in South Africa, wearing environmentally friendly jerseys.
In addition to five-time world champions Brazil, the Netherlands, Portugal, United States, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Serbia and Slovenia are wearing plastic. The company states that the jerseys are made entirely from recycled polyester and each one is produced from up to eight recycled plastic bottles.
Manufacturing these “eco-jerseys” has helped Nike divert 13 million plastic bottles from landfills. Moreover, if all the jerseys were laid end-to-end, they would cover more than 3000km, which is more than the entire coastline of South Africa.
The kits are created from bottles sourced from Japanese and Taiwanese landfill sites, which were then melted down to produce new yarn. The process saves raw materials and reduces energy consumption by up to 30 percent compared to manufacturing virgin polyester. Nike also claims that there will be no adverse body reaction to the plastic, as the product has been carefully tested.
Plus Packaging Inc. is a firm believer in recycling plastic/paper when possible, and offers a full line of products that are made from recycled or contain recycled products.

Whether stopping in to pick up a bottle of your favorite Chardonnay, enjoying a date night over a glass or two of Lagrein, or sharing a delicious antipasto board over a bottle of Pinot Noir, Red or White Wine & Gourmet Center offers something to please every palette. With two locations, Red or White has gained a loyal following of customers who love to experience new varietals and flavors. This kind of hype demands personalized packaging that can withstand the high demands of wine connoisseurs across the state of Alabama. From the individual running in for a bottle after a long work week to the couple too full from their cheese and cracker course to finish their delicious wood fire pizza, Red or White demanded study bags for take-home meals and bottles of wine. Plus Packaging had the perfect solution.

Logo-Printed Drawstring Bags to Meet Operational Needs

The plastic bags designed for Red or White are printed with their logo, featuring a sturdy cotton drawstring. The simple style of this customized drawstring bag is perfect for transporting one or two bottles, as well as to-go containers of food. Not only are these bags essential to the ongoing operations of their business, but they help promote the brand, as well. Advertise your business while meeting the demands of your customers with the customized packaging supplies of Plus Packaging! Together, we'll design something suited to the demands of your customers and personality of your business. Contact us or call 800-535-9550, to discuss the needs of your industry. You may also see first-hand what your products can look like with our helpful logo viewer!  155
is a practical fabric because it is strong and extremely lightweight, so it is convenient to carry as well as inexpensive to ship. The fabric is also comfortable and soft; it is commonly used to make surgical masks and gowns.
Non woven polypropylene bags promote a greener earth because they are reusable, easy to clean, recyclable, and sometimes made with recycled products. These bags can be quickly wiped clean, and some of them are machine washable in cold water if they are drip dried. Most non woven polypropylene bags are made of 5-type recyclable plastic. Reusing and recycling them could save many standard plastic bags from sitting in a landfill. After the non woven polypropylene bags have been recycled, they may even be made into new totes.150
I just booked our family summer vacation to Manasquan and can’t wait to relax and enjoy the NJ beach!!  To minimize the financial damage this vacation is going to cost my family we will need to be smart about our meals.  No more just running up to Gee Gee’s from the beach for our lunch, snacks & drinks.  We will definitely need to invest in some type of lunch/snack cooler to make it more convenient too.  I will have to remember to save a few plastic grocery bags to bring on the beach to hold our trash from the day.  That way we will keep our beaches clean and we will be reusing a plastic bag.  I guess you could say this is an environmentally correct and budget friendly vacation!147
With the proliferation of e-commerce and the resulting barrage of items in the mail stream, it is growing harder for retailers to set themselves apart from the pack. Extending your branding to your custom mail packaging is one way to make you stand out. In fact, more than 50% of shoppers are likely to be repeat customers if the retailer uses premium packaging! This is becoming more and more important as "unboxing" videos become the norm--videos, often created by bloggers with thousands of followers, that show the recipient opening their package to showcase not only the contents inside, but also the uniqueness of the packaging itself. It's safe to say that more and more businesses are creating branded packaging to cater to and inspire their customers to share their unboxing (or unbagging!) experiences, which translates to free advertising.

What Is a Branded Packaging Experience?

A branded packaging experience occurs when the retailer has thoughtfully chosen packaging and shipping materials that complement the brand, and the presentation of the items is strategic. It is the creation of custom packaging to provide further value for your customer by offering a memorable unboxing experience. After all, the impression is made not after the item is opened but upon receipt of the package! This makes branded experience is especially good for online retailers, as they have fewer points of contact with their customers and therefore fewer opportunities to make themselves memorable.  

Promotional Packaging Ideas to Create a Memorable Unboxing Experience

There are so many different custom packaging and shipping products to personalize and incorporate into your branded packaging, whether you sell apparel, pet supplies, or gourmet food, for example. Here are a few product shipping ideas to enhance your branded packaging experience:
  • Printed Tissue Paper Tissue paper comes in all sorts of colors and patterns. Incorporating unique tissue paper can be an easy way of branding. A pet supply store, for example, might consider wrapping their products in tissue paper patterned with cartoon dogs, cats, birds, fish, and reptiles - adorable pets that benefit from the wares. If your customer is an animal lover - or has a gift for someone who is - that customer may even choose to reuse the paper, creating another opportunity to spread your brand.
  • Custom Packaging Tape Invisible or packing tape has no personality. Packaging tape with your logo or a clever message, however, is engaging. Customized packaging tape can be even more effective if your wrapping paper is just a solid color. This will make it stand out even more. Imagine how pleased your customer can feel if they have ordered clothes from your online store and the first thing they notice is packaging tape that tells them they look great.
  • Colorfully Printed Mailing Bags Similarly, you can get very whimsical with mailing bags. If you're selling art supplies, for example, your mailbag may be plain black and white, printed with fun shapes and designs to be colored by the recipient. You have just provided memories of childhood fun and an opportunity to take a well needed and meditative break. If your customers have children - or nieces and nephews - the chances are high that they will keep the mailing bag and pass it on. It's an instant conversation piece and a free referral to the other parents.

Create an Unforgettable Unboxing Experience

Plus Packaging prides itself on the impeccable print quality of its custom packaging and shipping products and ensures a timely turnaround so you can create your branded package as soon as possible. Stand out and make a statement -- we're here to help! Plus Packaging is happy to collaborate on custom or branded artwork designs with customers and to provide ideas and advice. Contact us today and start giving your customers an unboxing experience they'll never forget.144
Printed plastic bags are one of our most in-demand products, and for good reason— they are a very effective marketing tool. Whether you’re distributing literature at a trade show or promoting an event, Plus Packaging’s printed plastic bags successfully convey your organization’s unique message. Just ask our friends at the LeXenomics Group. Based in Lexington, Kentucky, the LeXenomics Group is a 501(c)3 non-profit establishment that organizes the RunTheBlueGrass Half-Marathon, one of the most popular running races in the country. When we began working together, they expressed their need for a sturdy, affordable bag that could store a large volume of items. They also needed the bag to have drawstring closure to prevent items from spilling out. Our Cotton Drawstring Bags not only fit their needs, but also served as a great way to advertise the event. The LeXenomics Group was very happy with the product and our superior customer service, and as a result, they continue to use our printed plastic bags today. If you’re interested in learning about how our printed plastic bags can benefit your brand, use our logo viewer or contact us for more information.141
Both “Elvis Presley” and “Graceland” are household names, which is why we were so excited to take on this project. Plus Packaging recently partnered up with the official store of Graceland, the Home of Elvis Presley, to create custom ink printed tissue paper that fans can’t help but fall in love with. Whether Graceland guests are looking for a fun way to wrap their souvenir or they’re simply looking to gift their Elvis-fanatic friend with something sure to bring on a smile, this themed tissue paper is the perfect purchase.

A One-Stop Shop for Themed Tissue Paper and Packaging

When Graceland came to us about creating Elvis-themed printed tissue paper, we knew we were in for a fun time. Together, we designed two 20” x 26” tissue paper varieties, one in silver and printed with Elvis Presley’s beloved signature and the other in gold with the iconic Taking Care of Business logo. In addition to creating the custom tissue paper sheets, Plus Packaging created the printed plastic bags in which they are contained and sold. The plastic bags are clear, printed with a black and white label that displays the Graceland logo and product details. Serving as a one-stop shop, Plus Packaging carried out the complete fulfillment of the packaged tissue paper sets, from the printing of the products to the sealing of the plastic bag. All Graceland has to do it put them on their shelves! Printed tissue paper fit for The King... that's the power of Plus Packaging! From quick turnaround times to high-quality printing, Plus Packaging is dedicated to the satisfaction of our clients. View our custom tissue paper options and contact us if you'd like to learn more about our custom printed packaging products.  138
When shipping products to customers, every detail must be accounted for to ensure a smooth delivery— all the way down to the printed tape on the package. Our latest success story details the benefits that our custom packaging tape provided one of our favorite clients, the Working Person’s Store.

Printed Packaging Tape Blog Tales:

The Working Person’s Store provides high-quality work clothing, footwear and safety gear for hardworking individuals throughout the country. They’ve been in business for twenty years, and continue to grow at a rapid rate. When we began working with the folks at the Working Person’s Store, they expressed a need for packaging tape that would secure their products and allow them to personalize their deliveries.  

The Tale of Tapes: What's Better Gummed Tape or Poly Packaging Tape?

To fulfill their need, we designed a clear, heavy-duty poly-pro tape that provided their deliveries with maximum security. Additionally, the printed portion of the tape increased advertising by drawing attention to their packages and alerted handlers of special care needs. What’s more is that the people at the Working Person’s Store pride themselves on their “Made In The USA” products, and prefer to work with vendors (like us!) who share that sentiment. It has been a pleasure working with the Working Person’s Store thus far, and we look forward to providing them with excellent service in the future. If you’re interested in learning about how small or large quantities of our custom printed tape can benefit your brand, use our logo viewer or contact us for more information.
Custom Packaging for CakestSubscription boxes are a growing trend, and consumers can now order and gift them with ease. From meal delivery to beauty sample boxes, more and more packages are ending up on front porches, filled with all sorts of items. In fact, studies have shown that there are thousands of subscription box services in the U.S. and visits to subscription box websites have grown by over 3,000% in the last three years. With this surge in popularity, brands have a tremendous opportunity to be creative in subscription packaging, as a way to enhance brand awareness and promote products. After all, a well-designed package will make a great first impression before the recipient even opens the contents! Here's a closer look at how Plus Packaging can assist in not only making your subscription package stand out but most importantly, help your brand leave a lasting mark.

Custom Packaging for Subscription Services

There are many options to consider when developing a subscription package design. First, the type of packaging needs to be determined. When choosing the right container, consider how large your items will be on average, as every shipment may be different. Other size considerations include keeping costs for production and postage down. How fragile the items are will necessitate the need for either custom packaging boxes or custom mailer bags. You can also add your branding to custom tissue paper and labels. Once you have the materials, it's time to decide on the content. Here are some ideas:
  • Use a social media callout on the box that encourages receivers to record their opening of the package and marketing it with a specific hashtag – your brand could then post this user-generated content to all your followers.
  • Capture the essence of your brand with smart design. Let your customers know the box is from you with on-brand graphics and colors. When it arrives on the front porch, your subscribers will know instantly it’s from you.
  • Share your brand-designed custom packaging boxes on your site. Your sophisticated box becomes a mascot for your brand and gives prospective customers a preview of what to expect.
  • Tell stories on your packaging about your brand. Although your subscribers are most excited about what’s in the box, the actual box can be a way to start a conversation. Think about how Chipotle shares brief essays and anecdotes about its products. These are well-written, quick reads that may entertain your customers.

Subscription Box Packaging: Rely on the Experts at Plus Packaging

At Plus Packaging, we have experience working with mail order clientele across the spectrum of industries and businesses. From custom mailing bags for online apparel brands to printed shipping boxes for recipe and ingredient delivery services, we work with a variety of companies, helping them deliver a better experience when shipping goods to customers. Custom packaging elevates the sophistication of your brand, arriving as something that looks more like a gift than just another package on your front steps. For over 40 years, Plus Packaging has been a provider of packaging solutions, helping brands create secure, cost-effective, and customized mailers. We’re here to help optimize your packaging to promote your brand. Contact us today to learn more and discuss your unique needs. 107
Production and lead times continue to grow, as the U.S economy is expanding. Please place your orders now as upcoming holidays and shut-down times (everything from Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Overseas Holidays) effect deliveries for all companies (through January), and we want you to be prepared. If you know you will need the product by a certain date, place your orders now; we will plan for your needs now, to assure timely deliveries. As business ramps up after this Summer we are in the final stages of revamping our website; soon we will have a total functionality on all mobile and tablet devices, making the Plus Packaging Inc. website even easier and faster to use... wherever you are, one of the most modern sites in the industry. We will keep you posted. Our Mailing Bags have become very popular across many industries; now universally accepted by USPO, UPS, FedEx, and trucking companies. These bags are a great way to protect and advertise your product, while getting it safely to its' final destination. Printed Packaging Tape is now available in smaller quantities, as minimum orders, and we can print more than one color, making your product stand out, advertising your firm, and assue your product will be secure, arriving safely at its' destination.       When it comes to Printed Plastic Bags we offer many new films, biodegradable, recyclable, film made from recycled plastic, along with the highest quality food grade packaging film. Many new products, such as stand up pouches, vented produce bags, and high quality retail designed bags; make our company a leader in our industry. Although crude oil prices have come down, resin prices, chemical prices, transportation and labor costs have not, creating a constant "see-saw" pricing effect. The sooner you know what and when you need to order, the better we can get you the best pricing and delivery times. Please call 800-535-9950 or email us anytime, for quotes, new ideas, artwork/production consultation, as Plus Packaging Inc. begins our 37th year, with the goal of making you our continued valued client, for years to come.132
Alternative Apparel brings style and social responsibility together, proving that going green really can be beautiful. When your business is based on putting fabric first, styling each design with a purpose, and offering a line of garments crafted with more than 70% of sustainable materials and processes, why wouldn’t you want your packaging to follow suit? Custom Printed Bags for Alternative Apparel At Plus Packaging, we share many of the same ideals as Alternative Apparel, striving to remain as eco-friendly as possible. When the company came to us for their packaging needs, we knew we would be a great fit. From the custom printed bags that we’ve designed for in-store use to the custom mailing bags for fulfilling online orders, their supplies are all biodegradable and feature a simplistic design that matches the style and personality of their line of clothing.  The in-store kraft paper bags feature their name and logo in a clean white print, along with a twisted paper handles. Meanwhile, the plastic mailing bags feature a sleek two-tone gray color scheme.

Eco-Friendly Packaging Supplies to Meet Customer Demands

More and more customers are requesting that the companies they love utilize sustainable practices whenever possible. Transform your business - while artfully displaying your personality and style - with custom printed eco-friendly bags from Plus Packaging! We'll be happy to custom design something the meets your needs and preferences. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist your business or check out our logo viewer to see just what we’re capable of! 129
In the retail apparel industry, making a great first impression is critical. With all the competition in retail sales, businesses must position their brand to grab the consumers' attention from the get-go. From ensuring your website design is attractive or your apparel shipping bags are customized with your logo, it all works together to solidify your brand image. In fact, you can make a great first impression if you get creative with your apparel shipping bag designs! Just ask brands like Nayked Apparel and Hailee Grace. These apparel companies use custom packaging and shipping products from Plus Packaging because they understand the importance of connecting with their customers as soon the package arrives on their doorstep.  

Custom Printed Mailing Bags Make a Great First Impression

If you want to expand your customer connection, delivering creative apparel shipping bags will ensure you make the impression you’re looking for. At Plus Packaging we understand what it takes to truly stand out to consumers. Here are three things to consider for your apparel shipping bags: Connect customers to your brand Whether a customer is a new one or one that’s been around awhile, you always want to make a connection between them and your brand. You can make sure your name is top of mind by using custom poly mailers with logo. When it’s time for your customer to make their next purchase, your name will be impressed on their mind. Use color to captivate attention Enhance your outreach by implementing colors that will get attention and/or highlight your brand. You could use your company colors in the mailer design or even in the font color. Some companies find that colored poly mailers are an appealing way to make an impression on their customers. Or, maybe your customers would be impressed by shiny, metallic mailers. Some companies simply use black and white but do it with style, as we did with Standard Deviation. Implement design and style elements When it comes to the design and style of your mailing bag or custom printed mailer, you have several options. You can let the theme of your business drive your design. That’s what Nayked Apparel did when they went with this minimalist look. Or, you can create a style based on how you want your brand to be perceived. With customized options by Plus Packaging, you are not limited.

Plus Packaging: Your Solution for Apparel Packaging

Plus Packaging has a wide variety of custom packaging options for online retailers who ship products to their customers. From colorfully printed mailers for accessories to printed shipping bags for apparel, Plus Packaging makes it cost effective for you to make a great impression the first time. Plus Packaging has more than 40 years experience in providing businesses and corporations with packaging and shipping solutions. Connect with us today for more information on our custom options!126
At Plus Packaging, we often recommend the use of custom reinforced gum tape to ensure the secure packaging of our customers’ products. Our latest success story features our clients, Atascosa Wildlife Supply, Inc. (AWS) and Bushlan, and highlights how they have benefited from this custom printed packaging tape.
Under the same ownership, Atascosa Wildlife Supply manufactures a wide range of wildlife products while Bushlan provides customers with camo gear. Both companies pride themselves on the quality of their products and superior customer service. When we began working together, the team at AWD and Bushlan wanted to ensure their commitment to excellence was evident in their packaging. Specifically, they wanted to mitigate the risk against shipping damage while promoting their brand in the process.
Taking into account the goals and needs of both AWD and Bushlan, our team of experts decided that reinforced gum tape was the perfect custom printed packaging tape for the job. Reinforced gum tape provides a strong seal to a variety of corrugated surfaces. This enhanced security provided the folks at AWD and Bushlan with peace of mind knowing that their packages will always be delivered safely. Better yet, since the printed packaging tape was customized, we were able to put their logo on it, thus helping them advertise their brand with every delivery.
We are thrilled to report that AWS and Bushlan are happy with their custom printed tape, and we look forward to working with them in the future! If you are interested in learning about reinforced gum tape or how any of our other custom printed packaging products can benefit your brand, try our logo viewer or contact us for more information.
Printed tape with Wrights MediaReinforced Gum Tape has been around for some time, and many of our clients see the value in this product.. Reinforced gum tape is kraft paper backing with a high tack water-activated adhesive system. In other words, once the backing gets wet, it provides a strong seal to a variety of corrugated surfaces.

Examples of our Custom Printed Packaging Tape utilized for security packing:

Many clients of ours have made the switch to this security packaging tape, because while it’s cost effective – it always enhances the security of the packages they are sending. Also, here at Plus Packaging we offer custom reinforced Gum Tape; so each of our clients can put their own logo on their tape.
Wrights Media and Wrights Printing & Marketing has been a client of ours for years, and has used this tape while they ship out their products to promote their business, and as a tamper evident tape.
Contact us today for more information about reinforced gum tape, or check out our logo viewer today! To learn how printed packaging tape can benefit your business check out our Water Activated Gummed Paper Tape Blog.
Custom printed tape options
Stock Zipper Pouches Brittle Brothers Gourmet Brittle is full of the good stuff—plenty of nuts and just the right touch of sweetness, void of the preservatives and chemicals that are found in so many other brittles. With a recipe that has been perfected over 30 years, inspired by the recipe of owner John Spalding’s mother, proper packaging is crucial. Sealing in freshness for optimal flavor and crunch, Plus Packaging helped the company design several 5-ounce zip top food packaging bags for each of their brittle flavors.

Custom Retail Food Packaging from a Leading Supplier

When it comes to custom food packaging, quality and design are of utmost importance. From choosing a style that mimics the existing brand to utilizing materials that are food-safe and able to maintain the quality of its contents, Plus Packaging is dedicated to the satisfaction of our retail customers. Our team understands that image is everything, and we work hand-in-hand with clients to ensure their custom retail packaging products exceeds their expectations. For Brittle Brothers, that meant colorfully designed resealable packaging bags for their selection of peanut, pecan, cashew, and bacon brittle. Meanwhile, clear plastic displays the tasty brittle inside, sure to tempt the taste buds of consumers. Seal-able zip tops ensure the brittle is always fresh, crunchy, and ready for munching. We’re thrilled with what we were able to craft for Brittle Brothers Gourmet Brittle! Browse our selection of custom and stock product packaging options and learn more about Plus Packaging by contacting us. You may also use our logo viewer to see just what we’re capable of.104
Food-Safe Printed Tissue Paper Now that spring is upon us, vendors across the nation are gearing up for the coming festival season. With this in mind, Plus Packaging is pleased to offer a versatile selection of both stock and customizable packaging products for the varied needs of festival and event vendors. From reverse tuck folding cartons to eco-friendly food-grade packaging, we offer packaging products in a diverse range of materials and styles suitable for any event application. And with our custom packaging options providing professional printing and design, you can be sure your brand stands out from the crowd.  

Custom Vendor Packaging Supplies For A Successful Day

Whether it’s a trade fair, outdoor music festival, or corporate promotional event, presenting your product in a customized professional package will be the key to your business success. Our dedicated design staff can help you with all of your vendor packaging needs, from stock packages to personalized logo-printed vendor supplies and artistically branded packaging that will knock your competition out of the ballpark! Here’s just a sample of what we can offer the discerning vendor.
  • Printed Plastic Bags - From frosted die cut handle and Eurotote bags to cotton drawstring and takeout bags, our ink imprint designs will give your brand a competitive marketing edge.
  • Printed Paper Bags - Our kraft handles and matte or gloss paper Eurotote bags in ink, digital or foil imprint are the perfect vehicles for delivering your product to your customers.
  • Food-Grade Packaging – Use our custom printed gourmet and grease-resistant bags or resealable plastic bags to keep your food and your logo designs fresh.
  • Eco-Friendly Products – For the environmentally conscious vendor we offer 100% recycled paper as well as plastics made from up to 40% biodegradable, recycled material. Our woven canvas and nylon bags are 100% recyclable and reusable.

Plus Packaging Delivers Quality Vendor Products at Competitive Prices

Plus Packaging provides products for vendors that are guaranteed to meet all your event packaging needs, from custom branded packaging supplies to food-grade packaging. As we enter the warmer months ahead, be well prepared to outshine your competitors as the busy season begins! We want your product to stand out from the crowd of vendors, while providing the cost-effective quality that your business demands. Contact us today to discuss your vendor packaging needs or take advantage of our helpful logo viewer to see a sample of your own custom vendor supplies!101
Custom Packaging for Boutique Jewelers When people think about retail jewelry packaging, they typically imagine the typical velvet box that's placed inside a small box with a logo. While that may be the favored packaging for large jewelry chains selling diamonds, precious stone, and other fine jewelry, retailers selling more accessible or customized jewelry - such as handmade, artisan items - may benefit from being more imaginative; stand out this year with custom printed packaging for retail jewelry!

The Real Purpose of Jewelry Retail Packaging

Packaging provides protection from scratches, dirt, and damage, but designed effectively, it can also do wonders to proliferate your branding and encourage repeat business. This is especially important if your jewelry business is online, as you may need to work harder to stand out from your competitors. Personalized jewelry packaging designs:
  • Enhance Your Professionalism. When purchased items are neatly wrapped in pleasing, coordinated packaging, it inspires in your customers a sense of respectability. Successfully designed packaging tells the world that you are proud of your product, which rubs off on your customers. If customers feel proud of your brand, they are more likely to come back.
  • Promote Goodwill. There is something inexplicably satisfying about receiving a purchased item in holiday-themed wrapping - almost like receiving a Christmas gift or Valentine's Day surprise. It makes customers feel special and maximizes the goodwill of the holiday. As the saying goes - people remember how you make them feel. They will want to buy from you again and to pass the joy along to their loved ones.
  • Expand Your Brand's Reach. If you use high quality, attention-grabbing jewelry packaging supplies, you might have customers who decide to reuse them to wrap gifts for their friends and family. These gift recipients may, in turn, ask your customer where the wrapping came from, resulting in instant word-of-mouth advertising for you. Your brand will have made it to a target audience that could have otherwise been out of its reach.

Different Ways to Package Jewelry

Whether you are predominantly an online business or you have a boutique storefront, your packaging style is limited only by your imagination. Here are a few ideas that may spark your creativity.
  • Custom Printed Tissue Paper. Wrapping an item in a few sheets of colored tissue paper that complements your branding and logo is a nice touch. Using a combination that creates a striking visual is a nicer touch. For example, if you use stars in your logo, you could have one sheet of tissue with metallic stars on black or navy, and a sheet that is translucent. The effect you will get is similar to looking up at the stars on a cloudy night. All it takes is a bit of thinking outside the jewelry box!
  • Logo-Printed Packaging Tape. Instead of using the typical clear tape, secure the wrapping with logo-printed tape, or tape with a whimsical saying that works with your brand and messaging. For example, if you make custom, personalized family jewelry, your tape could have a poetic line about the importance of family or the special bond between family members. Touches like that make your customers feel valued and show that you've gone the extra mile.
  • Whimsically-Printed Mailer Bags. For online orders, boxes may not be ideal, as their size and shape may increase shipping costs. As pretty as the gift wrapping inside may be, the mailing bag will be the first thing customers see. Why not make a great first impression by making your package stand out with custom mailing bags? Your customers will feel excited as soon as they see it! If your mailing bag is a vibrant color and your logo is small and artistic, they may even keep it for when they need to mail a gift to a loved one.
With forty years in the business, Plus Packaging is your custom retail packaging manufacturer. We can help you design tasteful packaging for your products that will keep you on your customers' minds long after they've received their orders. Contact us to get started!98
E-Commerce Packing and Shipping TrendsAs online shopping becomes more prevalent in the global economy, retailers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of standing out to customers. For online merchants to stay profitable in business and thrive amidst growing competition, they are finding it more and more critical to create uniquely branded packaging to make their mark and create a great first impression. And of course, with every near year, styles change and trends come and go. As we press forward into 2018, businesses big and small must adapt to appeal to customers and continue to stand out. Here are a few e-commerce packaging trends you may wish to incorporate into your products in the new year.

Trends in Packaging: Sustainable, Economical, Personal

E-Commerce That's Eco-Friendly. As consumers around the world become more aware of environmental crises that affect the globe, they want to see packaging that is eco-friendly as well as engaging. In fact, many consumers are willing to spend more with a business or company that they know is environmentally responsible. Plus Packaging is happy to offer eco-friendly options for green-minded businesses. Among our product offering of eco-friendly packaging materials, shoppers will find:
  • Customizable paper bags made from 100% recycled materials
  • Reusable non-woven bags made of non-allergenic, non-corrosive, and non-toxic canvas and nylon
  • Plastic bags made from up to 40% recycled material and 20% non-petroleum calcium filter
  • Various products made from recyclable materials like banana leaves and corn resin
Appropriate Packaging for Shipping. A common customer frustration stems from excessive packaging, and fiscally responsible companies are foregoing bulky shipping boxes and opting for lightweight mailing bags. Plus Packaging allows you to personalize mailing bags with logos and designs so that your packaging can be light and appealing. Secure Zipper Mailing Bags Consumer-Friendly Packaging That's Frustration-Free. The thrill of receiving and unwrapping a package can be immediately depressed when you feel like you need bolt cutters to open it. With products like easy zip pouches or perforated mailing bags, you can ensure that your customer associates your product with positivity and convenience, not frustration. Packaging That's Professional and Personalized. As more and more people go online or use mail order, stock packaging does nothing to build up a memorable brand. Good looking, quality packaging with pleasing, distinctive images is often reused - when re-gifting, for example - which opens up the potential for your name and brand to reach brand new customer bases. These are the types of opportunities that should never be passed up.

Packaging That's a Plus for Your Online Business

Having provided quality custom packaging and shipping products for over four decades, Plus Packaging is always at the forefront of the latest packaging trends and demands, especially when it comes to creating a memorable brand and unwrapping experience. Whether you're an online clothing retailer, a gourmet eatery, or a pharmaceutical company, we're happy to help your name stand out with branded packaging and shopping products. Contact us to discuss innovative ways to bolster your brand. If you'd like to get started on branded tissue paper, plastic bags, or mailers, we invite you to utilize our logo viewer.95
With every retailer and merchant hyping up their products for Black Friday, and the throngs of savings-seeking consumers, you'd better make sure you can stand out! With custom retail packaging, you can make a big impression and imprint your brand into the minds of your customers, helping to keep your brand, products, and business at the forefront of the holiday season.

Custom Packaging: It's Not Filler, It's Effective Branding!

Custom Shopping Bags for Stores In the competitive goods and services marketplace, sometimes it truly is the "little things" that will set you apart from everyone else. The positive effect coordinated boutique, decorative packaging has on the purchaser is often underestimated. The psychological difference between opening plain, boring, nondescript packaging vs. coordinated, great looking accent packaging is quite significant. Whether they take away your products in custom designed boutique shopping bags, or bring home leftovers in retail food packaging after a festive family meal at your restaurant, your customers will be impressed by your attention to detail, associating your brand with quality, finesse, and product pride. Of course, things like Christmas food packaging or retail holiday packaging can appeal to the whimsy and holiday spirit of consumers, but designs and colors that mimic the branding of your business can be just as effective! In addition, if used effectively, your branded packaging materials may even inspire your customer to reuse them as gift wrapping, which allows your brand messaging to reach others in your customer's social circle.

Examples of Attention-Grabbing Boutique Packaging

When it comes to developing your special brand of boutique packaging, you are only really limited by your imagination. Here are some ideas to get those creative juices flowing.

Custom Retail Packaging to Further Your Brand

With more than 40 years in the packaging industry, Plus Packaging is the custom retail packaging manufacturer that can get your customers promoting your brand for you. Whether it's custom tissue paper, printed packaging tape, or printed food-grade packaging, gift packaging supplies can elevate your brand and create return customers. Contact us today to find out how your custom designed product packaging can take your business to the next level.  92

Purpose of Personalized Poly Mailing Bags

Mailing bags are designed to serve a dual purpose: increase your branding while keeping cost low.  Shipping and Mailing bags not only deliver your product to your customer's door, but they can serve as an opportunity for potential customers to become familiar with your brand name. This is exactly why Viv & Lou chose Plus Packaging. Viv & Lou wanted a bag as bright and vibrant as their company. They wanted something that really appealed to their young client base and looked to us to help them create a mailer that really jumped out at their target audience. They also wanted something that saved them on shipping costs and made packaging their many flexible items easy and seamless.   We solved all of their problems and gave them a beautiful mailer at a very low cost.  Not only did they LOVE them they have already ordered more just a couple months later.

Check Out Other Personalized Poly Mailers We've Created!

We are thrilled to help even the smallest customers get started through our low minimum order options. Browse our custom mailer options and view our custom poly mailers for clothing to see what we’re capable of. You may also use our logo viewer. Simply pick your product and upload your custom design to see a sample.89

Poly Mailing Bags: One of Our Favorites!

While versatile in use, we are especially thrilled when our products work towards a great cause. Our recent mailing bags success stories includes how our product benefited our client Schoola in conjunction with the release of the new movie, He Named Me Malala.     Schoola is a unique organization that turns quality clothing into school funding. They have teamed up with the Malala Fund to empower girls in the most vulnerable communities around the world, through education.  With the release of He Named Me Malala this past week, Schoola’s goal was to create a 4 color process printed mailing bag to be handed out to each movie-goer. The promotional plastic bag had to include clear instructions for the movie-goer to take the mailing bag home, fill it with clothes donations, and then mail the postage-paid bag back to Schoola. When the mailing bag was received, School would then make a significant donation to the Malala Fund. The challenge for Plus Packaging was to make timely deliveries of the large 24 x 24 mailing bags, as the custom bags were to feature peel/seal tape closures with very detailed printing. Most importantly, we had to ensure the bag “matched the message" of the organization. Our team pulled together and delivered the perfect bags, on-time for the cause. Our mission for over 40 years has been to be the “go to company” for any project, big or small, while specializing in mailing bags, printed plastic bags, and printed packaging tape.

Check Out Our Custom Printed Poly Mailers Options:

We are thrilled to help even the smallest customers get started through our low minimum order options. Browse our custom mailer options and view our custom poly mailers for clothing to see what we’re capable of. You may also use our logo viewer. Simply pick your product and upload your custom design to see a sample.87
No matter how you retail your products, whether it be through the growing world of online shopping or out of a traditional brick-and-mortar shop, you want your brand to stand out and your professionalism to shine. From printed food-safe plastic bags for gourmet snacks to colorfully designed packing tape to seal your apparel shipments, branding is becoming more and more important when it comes to standing out and creating customer loyalty. While advertising in the form of televised commercials, digital banner ads, or printed billboards is certainly one way to establish your brand and appeal to current and potential customers, printed packing materials do just the same at a fraction of the cost. Plus Packaging is your source for both custom and stock packaging and shipping products, dedicated to clients that span a diverse range of industries. Here are some of our favorite inexpensive packaging ideas, designed to have a big impact on your customers and a minimal impact on your bottom line.

Affordable Packaging Ideas that Make an Impact

There are plenty of affordable products that can be custom-designed to align with your brand. From an eco-friendly hospitality group that values clean design and soothing colors to an edgy jewelry business that prefers to stand out, we’ve successfully helped businesses throughout the nation with affordable products that make an impact. Here are some cost-effective options available to you:
  • Printed Tape – Printed tape makes an impact much more than you’d think. Imaging receiving a plain cardboard box, no branded marks or any indication of what might be inside. Sure, the contents may display the brand, but there’s something to be said about making a great first impression before the box is even opened. For example, a food subscription business might use tape with fun printed phrases, such as “Let’s get cooking!” or “You’re about to go yum!” to secure the box while immediately tempting taste buds.
  • Tissue PaperTissue paper is a great way to add an extra something special to your packaging. Simple tissue paper, flooded in one solid color that matches your brand, can be used to line apparel boxes and keep that new sweater looking pristine. Meanwhile, tissue paper printed with your scripted font logo can add a touch of elegance to a florist’s boutique holiday arrangements.  Although it may seem subtle, this extra little touch can go a long way towards generating excitement about your product.
  • Mailing Bags – When it comes to mail order apparel, pharmaceutical, or jewelry businesses, mailing bags serve as a cost-effective option for both shipping and branding. Plastic mailings bags are lightweight and flexible, meaning you can avoid costly dimensional shipping prices. On the branding side, mailing bags can be printed with your logo or an encouraging phrase, like Hailee Grace’s “well, obviously you have good taste.”  The options are endless!

For More Inexpensive Packaging Ideas...

These are just a few of the many ways custom packaging can support your retail business, keeping costs low and engagement high. The representatives of Plus Packaging can assist in creating custom products that suit your needs and make your brand stand out. We even offer eco-friendly options to support today’s green businesses! Contact us today to learn more about our artwork requirements or use our convenient online logo viewer to sample design your selected product.84
Customized Paper Bags from Plus Packaging Guests of Horseshoe Bay Resort expect a lot from their stay at the four-star hotel, located in Horseshoe Bay, Texas. Whether they're playing a round of golf, enjoying the spectacular lake views, or paddle boarding near the marina, the hotel is dedicated to providing consistent customer service that the resort has become known for. A favorite activity of guests is visiting the Bayside Spa. In living up to the professionalism of the resort, the Horseshoe Bay Bayside Spa needed guest bags that not only securely held the contents inside, but also displayed the professional persona of the resort. On top of this, they demanded that these bags be eco-friendly, supporting their eco-friendly initiatives. That's why they came to Plus Packaging.

Eco-Friend Guest Bags for Resort Visitors

With a specialty in eco-friendly packaging supplies, Plus Packaging created customized paper shopping bags that suited the personality of Horseshoe Bay. The perfect blend of professional sophistication, the bags are made from white kraft paper with twisted kraft handles. Displayed on the front of each bag is the Horseshoe Bay logo, perfect for promoting the hotel during guests' travels. Plus, these eco-friendly bags pose no harm to the environment and come at a low cost for the resort. The resort has continued to be impressed by the consistent quality and low cost of these bags and we are proud to call them a loyal customer of Plus Packaging! Discover how customized packaging can support the promotion of your business by contacting Plus Packaging today! We invite you to browse our selection of printed shopping bags and other eco-friendly supplies and use our logo viewer to see just what your product can look like. 81
Mailing Bags for Affordable ShippingAs retailers, service providers, and entrepreneurs gear up for the holiday rush, shipping costs can become harder to manage, especially if you're a small business. At Plus Packaging, we know that although there are ways to save on shipping costs, it all starts with the proper packaging! That’s where we come in, offering cost-effective pricing, low minimum options, and both stock and custom products that are designed to reduce the cost of dimension weight pricing.

5 Ways to Reduce Shipping Costs

When approaching the shipping part of your business, it's not as simple as finding low-cost shipping options. To truly minimize shipping costs, there are a few crucial elements that should be kept in mind: 1. Know Your Products The more precise weight and dimensional information you have, the more accurate the estimates will be when you are doing online research about how much it costs to ship things.  Also factor in any special packaging requirements you may have - for example, if you need bubble wrap or a box for more structure. This way, you won't be surprised when it comes time to ship them. Plus, if your products are generally the same size each time, you could benefit from prepaid packing options. 2. Know the Best Way to Pack Just like packing luggage, there are ways to optimize space when packaging. Where practicable for your products, use light and airy wrapping and packing material. Be familiar with how to calculate dimensional weight, as well as mailers vs. boxes. If you are shipping items that don't require the sturdiness of a box, consider using mailing bags, which are lighter and tend to have more favorable cubic measurements. With boxes, you are at the mercy of the dimensional shipping weight categories of the carrier you end up choosing - one inch too wide and you may be looking at a pricier shipping level. 3. Get Your Packaging in Bulk Buying packaging in bulk is kind of the branding equivalent of having your cake and eating it too. It's the opportunity to create and use further branding without throwing off your bottom line. Not only can you incorporate brand logos, designs, and colors to offer customers a more delightful package opening experience, but you'd be saving money doing it. You will likely save even more by purchasing from an online packaging business, such as Plus Packaging, as operating overhead tends to be lower. 4. Get to Know Your Carriers Most major carriers, such as FedEx and UPS, have representatives all over the country. Meet with them and do some comparison shopping. See what they can offer you in terms of services for different packages, destinations, and volumes. Give them specific dimension and weight information. Don't be afraid to negotiate shipping rates. Apart from the major carriers, also look into regional carriers, especially if your business doesn't yet have a national reach. Some carriers have cheaper rates for packages over a certain weight; others are better for lighter items. You may consider having one carrier for certain things and another for others. 5. Let Your Customers Absorb Some of the Cost In an ideal world, we could offer free shipping to anyone. In reality, we need to be able to manage shipping costs as best as we can. It's true that consumers tend to be put off by what they consider unreasonable shipping costs, and they may not know that your hands are tied because you don't control how much it costs to ship things. Taking into account the actual shipping costs based on the exact dimensions and weight of your products, you may benefit from raising the price of your products a little bit and subtracting these amounts from what you will charge your customers for the shipping. This way, shipping charges will still look reasonable to customers. With over 40 years in the packaging business, Plus Packaging has set itself apart as a leader in the packaging industry, providing eco-friendly options, free artwork consultation, and a personal approach to customer service. Contact Plus Packaging and find out what affordable shipping supplies you can use to make your brand stand out and to save on shipping costs.78
Trade Show Tote BagsWhen it comes to exhibiting at trade shows or conferences, it is important to stand apart from your competitors, despite the short time you may have to converse with prospective clients. Quality trade show tote bags that are cleverly and strategically designed can help you stand out while leaving a lasting first impression. Very simply, people love free stuff and will rarely turn down corporate goody bags, complimentary conference messenger bags, or welcome gifts for conference attendees. The key is to provide tote bags that they will want to keep, stocked with some practical items that they may reuse again and again. Here's a closer look at how Plus Packaging can help.

Farther Reaching Brand Exposure Through Reuse

Apart from providing contact information, business cards, by themselves, aren't particularly useful. Tote bags, on the other hand, are multi-functional, perfect for holding onto for shopping or transporting items. If those you meet at trade shows carry around your branded tote bag with them in their daily lives, they are walking advertisements that widen the reach of your business. Ideally, your tote bag should be:
  • Made of high-quality materials. If your tote bag is too flimsy to be functional, people are less likely to use it. Moreover, this tote bag represents your brand and cheaply made, low-quality materials won't add value to your name. If you are going to put money into creating conference tote bags, you may as well make sure that they are visually appealing and practical. Plus Packaging has a large selection to choose from, all made from durable materials with high-quality printing. Among our selection, businesses can choose from: Non-Woven, Therm-O-Totes, Polypropylene, and more.
  • Consistent with your brand. If your brand is about eco-conscious, environmentally friendly products, you could choose eco-friendly tote bags made of woven fabric, or printed plastic conference bags or non-woven tote bags made of recycled material. If your brand persona is bright and colorful, your tote bags should be as well!
  • Unique in design. Whether it's a clever quotation, a cheeky but clever play on words or concepts, or an extra functional feature such as a special pocket for cell phones, you want your tote bag to be the preferred choice over other bags. Don't forget that you also want to pique the interest of people who will be seeing this tote bag for the first time outside of the trade show.

Professional Custom Packaging is Priority

Great ideas need great execution. Creating and developing branded materials for trade shows, conferences, or even everyday business, could be an important part of your marketing. At Plus Packaging, we specialize in high quality printed packaging products. Because we've been in this industry for over forty years, we understand the importance of good branding, which is why we are happy to work with you to come up with the perfect design for your objectives and your business. Contact us and let us help your business make the best first impression. With a wide selection of trade show bags to choose from, Plus Packaging serves as your go-to for printed marketing material75

How to Increase the Security of Your Packages:

These days, everyone is concerned about the security and safety of the packages they are shipping. Here are a few tips to help improve the security of your shipments. Make sure that the box you are using is in good condition and large enough for the item you are shipping. Use protective cushioning to protect the contents of the box. Close your boxes with carton sealing tape that is at least 2" wide. You can also increase the security of your package by using one of the many security or tamper evident tapes.

Using Custom Printed Reinforced Gummed Tape:

Custom Printed Reinforced Gummed Tape is a a great product to apply to shipping packages. It's incredibly durable and useful for identifying any tamper attempts. However, gummed tape isn't the only option to increase packaging shipping security. Out Custom Printed Tape Blog presents other options.72
Plus Packaging provides professionally printed shipping tape in both reinforced gummed paper and Poly-Pro plastic, suitable for all your diverse shipping needs. But which type of tape is right for your business? Read on, learn about the benefits of each, and decide which is most beneficial to your brand.

Benefits Of Using Poly-Pro Plastic Tape

Readily available in a number of sizes, our poly-pro plastic tape is ideal for sealing light-weight packaged goods that put little to no stress on a box during shipping. Additionally, this custom-printed packaging tape is:
  • Easy-to-use and pressure sensitive, so it sticks to shipping boxes easily
  • Applicable for a variety of packages, from shipping boxes to poly mailers
  • Transparent nature allows it to be applied over pre-printed cartons and shipping labels without obscuring important information

Benefits Of Using Poly-Pro Plastic Tape

Reinforced Gummed Tape is ideal for heavy-duty packages. It’s reinforced by fiberglass threads (which make it very strong!) and is generally more cost-effective than poly-pro plastic tapes with the same dimensions. Gummed, or “kraft” tape uses water-activated paper tape dispensers that are bulkier and less portable than their plastic counterparts; nevertheless, there are distinct benefits to using this packaging tape:
  • Available in different strengths depending on the weight and bulk of your packaging needs
  • Provides a strong seal to a variety of corrugated and cardboard surfaces
  • Water-activated gum ensures the strongest bond with cardboard shipping boxes

So Which Tape Is The Right Tape For Your Business?

If you need to secure a variety of cardboard shipping boxes, then you will probably be better off using a strong, reinforced gummed paper tape. Its strong and durable water-activated bond will keep your goods totally secure while in transit and storage. If, however, you use use poly shipping mailers, then you will need to use a Poly-Pro plastic tape. Both types of tape are also available with your printed logo for the ultimate in professional packing tape. Whichever you choose, Plus Packaging’s selection of Poly-Pro Plastic Tapes and Reinforced Gummed Tapes have you covered! We want your product to stand out from the crowd while providing the cost-effective quality that your business demands. Contact us today to discuss your shipping tape needs or take advantage of our helpful logo viewer to see a sample of your own custom tape supplies! Additionally check out our packaging tape blog to see real world examples of products we've created for our customers.
Stock Zipper Pouches When it comes to food-grade packaging—whether for humans or animals—security is crucial. Cali Parrots sought the food-grade stock products of Plus Packaging for a small quantity order of plastic zipper barrier pouches for trade shows and we’re thrilled that they were so pleased with the results! The standup zipper barrier pouches ordered by Cali Parrots were used to display Dr. D’s Plant Pro bird seed. Though they opted to adorn them with their own printed labels, the bags from Plus Packaging keep the needs of their clientele in mind, offering a food-safe zipper bag that securely contains the delicate bird seed inside. Important to so many bird owners, these bags stand up and zip securely for no spills and ongoing freshness of the feed inside.

Small Quantity Zip Pouches for Budget-Minded Startups

In addition to custom printed products, Plus Packaging offers a large selection of stock products to assist in the ongoing operations of businesses big and small. As a startup, Cali Parrot required stock products that would fit into their budget and we were proud to assist. By taking advantage of our selection of small quantity zip bags, Cali Parrots was able to find exactly what it needed to support trade show displays and more. Learn more about our food-grade packaging or stock packaging supplied by contacting Plus Packaging today! You may also use our logo viewer to see the limitless potential of our packaging products.67
Every industry can benefit from proper packaging. No business owner should ever underestimate the value of delivering their product in a secure, well-designed manner. This is especially true for businesses in the food industry. In recent years, our food grade pouches have helped many food companies meet their packaging challenges. Food Grade Pouches are one of our most popular printed plastic bags because of their strong presentation, convenience, and their ability to keep products fresh via hermetic heat seals. Recently, we worked with the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe in an effort to create the proper packaging solution for their stone ground flours. Above all else, they wanted their pouches to package their product securely and be a strong visual representation of their brand. After conducting a full needs analysis, we designed beautiful 6-8 color zip lock security food bags to help them pack their various stone ground flours. The Ute Mountain tribe was very happy with the security features of the bags, and was further impressed with the design and artwork of their new packaging. If you’re interested in learning about how our printed plastic bags can benefit your brand, use our logo viewer or contact us for more information.65
Plus Packaging takes an integrated, holistic approach to custom packaging and shipping products, working closely with our clients across both the mail-order and brick-and-mortar retail industries. Our partners in packaging include great brands such as Bolted Studios, Standard Deviation, Cakest and Alternative Apparel. We sincerely believe that good packaging can play a critical role in the branding and marketing of your products. Here are five qualities of good packaging that can make the difference where it counts, in the marketplace.

Quality Packaging is a Fine Craft

There are five specific qualities all good custom packaging should possess. First, it should be printed with your logo to make sure your brand is up-front at all times. Items should be secure and professionally packaged using convenient packaging appropriate to your product. Packaging must also be cost-effective, and lastly but never least, your packaging should also be as environmentally friendly as possible. 1. Branding — Our custom packaging options provide professional printing and design so that you can be sure your brand stands out from the crowd. With Plus Packaging’s personalized, logo-printed tapes and packaging you will knock your competition right out of the ballpark. 2. Security — Given the utmost importance of protecting the contents of your packaging, we recommend the use of custom printed reinforced gum tape to ensure the stylish and secure packaging of any cardboard boxes. It is also important to tailor your packaging to your products and we offer a variety of specialist packaging such as custom mailing bags for secure pharmaceutical delivery 3. Convenient — Plus Packaging supports each client with the selection of the most convenient packaging for your product. We will make sure it is the optimal size without the need for excess packaging, as well as offering features where appropriate, such as zip tops or easy tear opening, designed to provide convenience for both the client and customer. 4. Cost-Effective — Purchasing packaging in bulk, and utilizing cost-effective materials and options, will keep your costs down. This is especially so when you also incorporate logos and graphic designs that offer your customers a fully branded experience. And as an online packaging business, Plus Packaging can pass the savings from our lower operating costs on to you, our valued client. 5. Environmentally-Friendly — Our customers are increasingly environmentally aware and appreciate the use of sustainable or reusable packaging. Plus Packaging fully supports this growing trend for Eco-Friendly packaging products by offering 100% recycled paper as well as plastics made from up to 40% biodegradable recycled material. Our woven canvas and nylon bags are 100% recyclable and reusable.

Quality Custom Packaging For Your Business

Plus Packaging’s quality custom packaging and shipping products will provide a fully branded packaging approach integrated with your product lines. And we’re happy to guide you through the process of finding just the right packaging for your needs, whether that’s a mailing envelope for your apparel brand; the perfect packaging tape to secure your shipping; or a handle bag material that you can be proud to hand over to your customers. We pride ourselves on staying atop of the latest packaging trends and demands so that we can help your business grow! We want your branded packaging to really stand out from the crowd while providing the cost-effective quality that your business demands. Contact us today to discuss your packaging needs or take advantage of our helpful logo viewer to see a sample of your own custom packaging supplies!62
Online Business PackagingAs an e-commerce brand, delivery of products is a huge part of your operational structure. While shipping logistics are important to the experience, there are also marketing opportunities to be taken advantage of in e-commerce packaging. When your package arrives on a customer’s doorstep, what message do you want to send? From supporting brand awareness to upselling, mail order packaging offers many ways to connect with audiences. Get inspiration from these five creative mail order packaging ideas:

5 Ways to Infuse Creativity into Your Custom Packaging

Announcing your brand’s arrival is key to a great first impression. For over 40 years, Plus Packaging has been helping New Jersey businesses with custom packaging and shipping products. Brands trust us to help them to discover creative shipping ideas. Here are five ideas we recommend.
  1. Use shipping boxes with printed labels to announce your brand’s arrival. Consider how well serves like Amazon have used this practice. Without seeing any words, you know exactly who the sender is. There are many options for including your logo, tagline, brand colors, and other graphics.
  2. Consider branded shipping bags for a polished look. Customized shipping bags elevate your packaging and add style. From simple kraft mailers to custom poly bags, Plus Packaging has the right bag for you. You may also inquire about our eco-friendly options.
  3. Include personalized tissue paper for a sophisticated look. Mostly used in the shipping of clothing, jewelry, and accessories, tissue paper gives the user the feeling of opening a special gift.
  4. Feature your logo on shipping tape. Elevate the look of your packages with customized shipping tape. Include brand colors or logos for a cohesive look that reiterates the personality of your brand.
  5. Dress up subscription mailer boxes. If your brand offers any type of monthly or subscription-based delivery, you should absolutely consider branding your boxes! Plus Packaging offers several kinds of boxes with different divider features, suited to the unique needs of your business.

Turn Creative Shipping Ideas into Reality

When your packaging is consistent with your brand, customers will have a great first impression and the chances of repeat business are much more likely. While these are just a few creative mail order packaging ideas, depending on your industry, products, and customers, it is very possible to create fully customized shipping packaging that helps you stand out! Plus Packaging is dedicated to helping your e-commerce business make a great first impression with these simple and effective mail order packaging ideas. Connect with us to learn more about shipping ideas for your business. We’ll even provide a free artwork consultation so you can know exactly what is possible.58
This year's Earth Day theme is “End Plastic Pollution,” appropriately so, with the growing trend of businesses and consumers using less and less single-use plastic products. In fact, 17 top companies are joining the effort to promote more socially responsible business practices in 2018. At Plus Packaging, we have realized the necessity for less waste and eco-friendly means of shipping and packaging products. That’s why we’ve been ahead of the trend for quite some time, offering a selection of environmentally friendly shipping and packaging products, helping our customers to remain as socially responsible as possible. In addition to businesses taking on the responsibility to reduce their waste production, many entire states are making similar pledges; California, for example, has passed a proposition that bans the single-use plastic carry-out shopping bags. While not every business can go to this extreme, they can take other steps to incorporate eco-friendly packaging materials into their business.

Sustainable Packaging Tips to Support Green Businesses

Going green as a business may not be as difficult as you think. Making small changes add up to big results. So, even if you only make a few changes now, you will be adding a large contribution to the overall goal of reducing waste. Here are a few ways Plus Packaging makes this transition to going green easy:
  • Eco-friendly Paper Bags: These bags are a great choice because of their 100% recyclable content. You can also customize them with your company's branding to make them stand out, while consumers can reuse these bags for personal use, elongating its life.
  • Non-Woven Bags: Made from 100% recyclable woven material such as nylon and canvas, these sturdy bags are handy for multiple uses. You’ll be glad to know the woven bags are also non-allergenic, non-toxic, and non-corrosive.
  • Printed Plastic Bags: Some businesses may not be able to switch to paper or woven bags, but they can still participate in eco-friendly practices by using our printed plastic bags. We strive to make our bags as green as possible, containing 40% recycled material and up to 20% of a non-petroleum calcium filter. That means that the petroleum-based resins are reduced by up to 60%. So, even by using plastic bags, you can promote eco-friendly practices if you use the right plastic bags.

Take the First Step: Choose the Green Packaging Products of Plus Packaging

Using the most environmentally friendly packaging will be a big step in the direction of aligning your business with green practices. At Plus Packaging, we have a long history of delivering sustainable packaging and shipping materials for socially responsible businesses. Connect with Plus Packaging today and take the first step in being an environmentally friendly business. You may also use our handy logo viewer to see a visual sample of what your custom product may look like. 54
[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It's a different world from what it used to be years ago – commercially and environmentally. More and more consumers, especially those that fall into the millennial generation, are seeking to do business with companies that demonstrate corporate responsibility and embrace sustainability without compromising quality and affordability. In many transactions, the shipping and packaging products may be the first things that customers see of your business. Plus Packaging's environmentally friendly packaging products can help you make that great first impression. All the while you’ll be carrying out efforts that help support a healthy environment. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row el_class="post-slider"][vc_column basel_text_align="center" css=".vc_custom_1570618061048{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}"][vc_images_carousel images="3291,133,3305,2437,3306,259" slides_per_view="3" autoplay="yes" wrap="yes" spaces="yes" css=".vc_custom_1570626608728{margin-bottom: 0px !important;padding-right: 4% !important;padding-left: 4% !important;}"][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Why Are Sustainable Packaging Materials So Important?

An Environmental Standpoint Never before has society been more aware of the effects of human damage to the ecosystems of the world. From the global water crisis to air pollution and saturated landfills to climate change, consumers are beginning to make a conscious effort to use sustainable materials when practicable. It only makes sense that businesses follow suit. While cost and convenience may still reign as the top factors in a buyer’s decisions about products to purchase, environmental responsibility is becoming increasingly important. The Sustainable Packaging Coalition offers a comprehensive definition of sustainable packaging – which has been widely adopted by environmentally friendly packaging companies and the packaging industry in general:
  • Beneficial, safe, and healthy for individuals and communities throughout its life cycle
  • Meets market criteria for performance as well as cost
  • Sourced, manufactured, transported, and recycled using renewable energy
  • Optimizes the use of renewable/recycled source materials
  • Manufactured using clean technologies and best practices
  • Made from healthy materials throughout the life cycle
  • Designed to optimize materials and energy
  • Effectively recovered and used in biological or industrial closed-loop cycles
An Economical Standpoint While the positive environmental effects of using sustainable packaging are fairly obvious, more businesses are realizing that as the number of environmentally-conscious consumers grows, so does the demands for sustainable materials and products. In fact, a significant number of consumers across different age groups have stated that they are willing to pay a little extra for products that align with their "green" sensibilities. As more industries and governments adopt green initiatives, it would only make sense for companies to keep up and adapt so they can remain viable commercially. In meeting our packaging company’s own green initiatives, Plus Packaging proudly offers a line of eco-friendly packaging and shipping products that have helped businesses transition to greener, more sustainable practices while keeping up with consumer demand.

Eco-Friendly Packaging Supplies from a Premier Company

Plus Packaging is proud to be an industry leader when it comes to offering and promoting eco-friendly product packaging within our lines of stock and custom products. Any business that packages or ships its product can benefit from these environmentally friendly materials.

Eco-Friendly Packaging for Retailers

From a mall outlet store to a small artisanal shop, retail bags and packaging materials are used for the convenience of customers as well as to display the business’ branding. Plus Packaging has many eco-friendly bag options to choose from. For example, recyclable kraft paper bags decorated with a stamp, foil accents, gift grade tissue paper, and printed ribbons. Or, a non-woven tote bag that can be used time and time again.

Eco-Friendly Packaging for Food Industries

The trend shift towards sustainable packaging has been seen in the restaurant and food industry, as well. Plus Packaging offers popcorn, peanut, and gourmet snack bags, as well as coffee bags and grease resistant gourmet packaging. For places that offer take-out food, Plus Packaging also has take-out bags with wide gussets. Alternatively, a business may choose to use recycled plastic bags that are made from up to 40% recycled material.

Eco-Friendly Packaging for Mail Order Businesses

For businesses or organizations that serve mail order consumers in any capacity, Plus Packaging offers a wide array of mailing envelopes and eco-friendly shipping boxes, including options that are reinforced with nylon for added strength. For an extra layer of security, 100% recyclable and biodegradable crinkle cut paper can be used. As a dedicated green business, Plus Packaging believes that it is possible to incorporate sustainable packaging and shipping materials into almost any business. Contact us and find out how we can make your transition into a more environmentally conscious world an easy one.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row css=".vc_custom_1570614046569{background-color: #f7f7f7 !important;}"][vc_column][vc_custom_heading text="Get Your Free Digital Mockup" font_container="tag:h2|text_align:center" use_theme_fonts="yes"][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row css=".vc_custom_1570618129754{margin-bottom: 20px !important;background-color: #f7f7f7 !important;}"][vc_column width="1/2"][vc_column_text]Ready to see what your logo looks like on the packaging products you need? Send us your logo and get your free digital mockup! [/vc_column_text][vc_btn title="UPLOAD YOUR LOGO" color="success" size="lg" align="center" link="url:https%3A%2F%2Fwww.pluspackaging.com%2Fupload-your-logo%2F|||"][/vc_column][vc_column width="1/2"][vc_single_image image="2433" img_size="large"][/vc_column][/vc_row]51
Our printed plastic bags can be used to package anything, anywhere—even trash in the African bush! One of our most recent clients, Destined To Travel LLC, needed help doing just that, and that is why they are the focus of our latest success story. Destined To Travel LLC guides African Safari adventures for tourists around the world. Their business is successful, but they have always had a problem with trash disposal. There are no trash cans anywhere in the Serengeti or in any of the parks, and the folks at Destined To Travel are environmentally conscious. They want to keep the Safari clean, but they don’t want to carry garbage cans on their trucks or ask customers to bring their own. Knowing this, we designed a neat, cleanly designed printed plastic bag sturdy enough to contain all forms of garbage. Now, each customer is given a bag at the beginning of every tour for garbage disposal. Thus far, Destined To Travel LLC has been thrilled with our bags. Their needs have been met, and they just placed their second order with us. If you’re interested in learning about how our printed plastic bags can benefit your brand, use our logo viewer or contact us for more information.49
When it comes to floral and event design, presentation is key. Anna Rose, of North Haledon, New Jersey, takes this statement very seriously and strives to incorporate timelessness, originality, and practicality into everything that they do. That’s why they rely on Plus Packaging! No matter the client or budget that Anna Rose is working with, they strive for nothing less than flawless execution, applying a meticulous attention to detail throughout the entire process. When it comes to their own packaging, the same standards apply and that’s where we come in. Anna Rose came to Plus Packaging seeking affordable custom packaging that simply didn’t lack in style. A challenge? Perhaps. But as always, we were able to craft something that evoked their personality while still remaining within their budget.

Anna Rose's Custom Tissue Paper Design

With their guidance, we created custom designed high-end tissue paper, as well as an elegant custom tag featuring a metal grommet. In addition to designing the label structure, we also designed the artwork for them. Not only do they themselves love the design of their custom printed tissue paper, but their customers do, as well! This creative custom packaging has helped them stand out to their customers, showcasing the personality of their business to those who matter most. If you’d like to learn more about how Plus Packaging can create custom designed packaging for you and your business, contact us or try out our handy logo viewer46
Custom Printed Tissue Paper for Bolted StudiosKnown for putting an ultra-cool spin on sophistication, Bolted Studios offers men a line of jewelry that is both bold and stylish, comprised of innovative design and high-quality materials. From belt buckles to rings to bracelets, each piece is handcrafted, meaning no two are alike. What better way to accentuate the sleek twists and turns of their pieces than with packaging that is just as daring? That’s where Plus Packaging came in, offering custom-designed tissue paper that was perfectly suited to the Bolted Studios identity. When metal worker, jewelry designer, and Bolted Studios owner came to Plus Packaging for shipping supplies that would suit the style of his brand, we knew that whatever we designed would have to be just as bold as his jewelry. His goal was to use customized tissue paper to wrap each piece in prior to being placed in a box for shipment. Knowing the tissue paper would have to make a great first impression, Plus Packaging worked hard to craft a design suited to the Bolted Studios brand. The result? A simple, yet daring black-on-black tissue paper design depicting the Bolted Studios logo.

Custom Printed Tissue Paper for Economical Shipping

Not only does this custom printed tissue paper help to display the brand’s personality, but it also serves as a form of protection, keeping the jewelry contained and secure during shipment. Tissue paper offers a lightweight form of protection that doesn’t add bulk or unnecessary weight. That means economical shipping costs that fit within any budget. Interested in having Plus Packaging custom design wholesale tissue paper for your own business? Contact us today or see a sample of what your design can look like by utilizing our handy logo viewer!43
Custom printed bags are an important part of your business's marketing, existing as another part of your brand that consumers take home with them. There are a variety of options in bags, including materials, handle configurations, and sizes, all with designs and styles that support different uses. Using smart, well-designed retail bags with your logo and colors makes an impression on customers. Working with the experts at Plus Packaging, you can create a branded bag that stands out, reiterating the value of your products. Here’s a closer look at retail bag solutions to choose from.

Choosing the Right Custom Shopping Bag

There are three main types of retail shopping bags from which to select, each with its own attributes and uses. Depending on what it needs to hold and its applications, you may choose from printed plastic bags, paper bags, or non-woven/cotton bags.
  • Printed Plastic Bags: Printed plastic bags offer a wide array of choices. There are fold over die cut handle bags, draw-string bags, looped handle bags, and plastic take-out bags, to name a few. Any of these types of bags are ideal for retail custom bags and can be customized with your brand’s color and your logo. Plus Packaging can even assist in the customized design of your bag, offering complimentary artwork consultation
  • Printed Paper Bags: With many options available, printed paper bags work for boutiques, online businesses, and food service businesses. Bag types include twisted handle kraft bags, pharmacy-style bags, and large shopping bags, perfect for containing a number of items, such as apparel, prescriptions, accessories, even take-out food orders. Committed to green practices, Plus Packaging also offers several eco-friendly paper bag options. To go along with your bags, add crinkle cut filler or printed gift-grade tissue paper!
  • Printed Non-Woven/Cotton Bags: Reusable bags are becoming more prevalent in retail shopping. Some stores are beginning to eliminate the use of plastic bags, meaning reusable bags are becoming more and more necessary. By offering customers a reusable bag with your logo, your business can take on more eco-friendly practices, while encouraging shoppers to lead a more waste-free lifestyle. At the same time, these non-woven bags can be used for trade show events or conferences, printed with your logo or branded phrases that standing out to consumers—and potential customers—everywhere. To suit the needs of your business and consumers, Plus Packaging offers many sizes, handle styles, and materials to choose from.

Team Up with Plus Packaging for Custom Retail Bags

Working with brands across the country, Plus Packaging has gained a steady clientele of businesses throughout varying industries. From plastic to paper to 100% reusable bags, our custom solutions are vast, able to meet the demands of every kind of consumer. Be sure to consider volume when looking for retail bags, as ordering a higher total will reduce the per-piece price! Refresh your retail bags with Plus Packaging. We’ve been supplying retail bags for decades and understand the intricacies of the custom packaging business. Start by browsing our printed bag solutions.39
Just changed my client from a One color print to a Two color print on their reinforced gum tape and it looks FABULOUS!!! The white tape really stands out on the Kraft colored carton making their custom lgogo really "POP" to catch potential client's attention. Not to mention it adds security when shipping their products. One Color Print  2 Color Print One Color Print                                          Two Color Print For more information about Packaging supplies, contact us today! We are readily available to help assist you with all your packaging needs!37
Poly mailers offer a unique way to ship your products, offering businesses and consumers the advantages of recyclability, security, and customization. For mail order businesses, these custom printed mailers serve as a cost-effective alternative to boxes, which cost more to ship as per dimensional shipping prices. At the same time, poly mailer shipping bags allow for robust shipping of your products, backed by the security of being made with durable materials that can withstand shipping and handling. Today, poly mailers are also a means of marketing. By partnering with a group like Plus Packaging, your mailers may be customized with colors, logos, and other designs that display the brand and personality of your business.

First Things First: What are Poly Mailers?

Poly mailers are polyethylene mailing bags. They are waterproof, tear-proof, self-sealing, and tamper resistant, meaning your products will arrive at their destination securely and as anticipated. These affordable shipping bags can be customized by size and usage, as well as being designed to be consistent with your brand. Easy to handle and lightweight, you’ll enjoy the flexibility of these printed shipping bags! Here are some advantages of shipping your products in poly mailers:

Eco-Friendly to Support Your Green Business Efforts

Poly mailers are made to be recycled, making them ideal for businesses with green initiatives. This can be used to promote the sustainability efforts of your company—something growing more and more important to today’s consumers. You can even include a fun “Recycle Me!” message on bags so that users know to place them in the recycle bin, not the trash.

Enjoy a Secure Delivery

Poly mailers provide robust security and protection. This means they can withstand the switching of hands, as well as inclement weather conditions. Plus, with tamper-evident sealing options, poly mailers ensure the package is only opened by the correct recipient. Ensuring your package arrives in good shape is of utmost importance; printed poly mailers will relieve shipping mishap concerns.

Customized Poly Mailers for Branded Messaging

Poly mailers from Plus Packaging can be customized to the unique needs of your business. Show off your brand with company logos, imagery, and colors. Upon package delivery, your customer will immediately know it’s from you. When you go the extra mile with a branded mailer, it emphasizes that your brand understands the importance of the details.

Printed Poly Mailers from a Leading Packaging Supplier

Package Plus, a trusted shipping and packaging provider for businesses across the nation. With over 40 years of experience, we offer multiple printed poly mailer options, all designed to fit the unique needs of your business. Those include a 50 percent ink and 100 percent ink mailer and specific sizing may be used to ensure the best fit for your most shipped items. Learn more about where to buy custom poly mailers. You may also begin building your own custom poly mailers with logo viewer tool. We can’t wait to help you create an unforgettable branded packaging experience! 34

Custom Poly Mailers for Clothing

When it comes to fashion-oriented businesses, style is everything. But the style doesn't start with a trendy top or stylish accessories. For fashion businesses with mail order customers, style starts with the packaging. We find that our Custom poly mailing bags are a business's way to grab the attention of customers as soon as they receive their package. Honey Fashions Boutique and Hailee Grace both understand the importance of making a great first impression. That's why they came to Plus Packaging.

Low Minimum Orders for Small Businesses and Start Ups

To support the small businesses and start-ups that simply don't have a need for large production products, Plus Packaging is pleased to now offer mailers with printing quantities of as little as 200! For Honey Fashions Boutique and Hailee Grace, this was perfect. Low minimum orders allow them to stay within budget, while they receive the same care and attention that our larger scale production clients receive. Short Run Mailers for Retail Businesses Both custom mailing bags were designed to suit their brand personality. For Honey Fashions, that meant a matte white mailer with an ocean-like turquoise blue logo, suited for their shop located inside the Adam & Eve Day Spa of Saint Andrew, Jamaica. The mailing envelopes for Hailee Grace, located in Denver, Colorado, are also a matte white but feature a gold-colored phrase that mimics the confident and effortless style of the brand.

Know Where to Buy Poly Mailers

We are thrilled to help even the smallest customers get started through our low minimum order options. Browse our custom mailer options or view additional custom packaging products to see what we're capable of. You may also use our logo viewer. Simply pick your product and upload your custom design to see a sample.31
Architex, a fabric supplier for the design industry, packs a powerful pop of personality, with fabrics and designs that meet every aesthetic. While the great versatility in their products certainly created a challenge in designing the mailing bags they requested from Plus Packaging, it was a challenge we were excited to accept! The mailing bags we created for Architex stand apart from the many other plastic mailing bags that we’ve created, typically used for apparel shipments. When it came time to designing custom mailing bags for this client, we didn’t want to take away from the beautiful fabric swatches they would contain.  The end result was a product that showcases the fabric designs before even having to open the bag.

Styling Architex's Custom Mailing Bags

A matte blue ink was used to flood the front of the bags with the text reversed out to white. This styling provides a luxurious appearance and feel, evoking the very personality of Architex as a business. The back of the bag is clear, with a double tape lip and perforation for return shipments. This clear-back design allows you to see the fabric swatches contained inside. As a whole, these atypical shipping bags represent high-end style, which is exactly what the client was after! If you'd like to customize your shipping supplies in the way that Architex did, we invite you to use our logo viewer to see what we can do for you! You may also contact us to learn more about all that Plus Packaging has to offer.  28
When it comes to the delivery of pharmaceuticals, security and safety are of vital importance. A business based on “bringing the pharmacy to you,” ZipDrug strives to take the hassle out of receiving your medications, offering the ability to have prescriptions delivered right to your doorstep within an hour of placement. As you can imagine, proper packaging plays a great role in ensuring the prescriptions are delivered safely, affordably, and damage-free. That’s where Plus Packaging steps in. The mailing bags created by Plus Packaging benefit both ZipDrug and those receiving the prescriptions. Lightweight and compact, mailing bags allow ZipDrug to eliminate expensive shipping costs, as they can be easily transported via messenger. The design of the bags helps the packages stand out, featuring a flood coated purple ink—all the pharmacy has to do is simply adhere the address label to the bag for delivery. In addition to eliminating shipping costs, the custom mailing bags designed for ZipDrug offer security and protection of the prescriptions inside. By using moisture-proof security mailing bags, patients can be ensured that their medications that are being delivered safely and tamper-free. Perforation allows for easy opening of the mailing bags, making them appropriate for elderly patients and those experiencing joint point or a limited range of motion.

Cut Costs & Stand Out with Plus Packaging Mailing Bags

Custom mailing bags provide a secure way to ship any product via mail, UPS, FedEx, or messenger. When using mailing bags in regular shipments, you have the ability to cut back on expensive shipping costs by eliminating the unnecessary weight and bulk of shipping cartons. Mailing bags also provide an eco-friendly shipping alternative, crafted of recyclable materials. Please visit MailingBags.com or browse our selection of mailing bags to see what we can do for you. You may also contact us online or view your design with our logo view to get started.24
As we charge into fall, our calendars remind us that holidays are close at hand. We are, of course, leading up to Halloween and Thanksgiving, but the big winter holidays are just around the corner. Now is the time to gear up your business to accommodate the numbers. To set yourself apart from other retail businesses, custom packaging can enhance the look of your product and capture the attention and memory of consumers. For example, when someone mentions the name of a high-end jeweler, a particular blue box may come to mind... that's the power of branding! Plus Packaging's commitment to impeccable printing quality of your brand's designs and timely turnarounds can ensure that you're retail-ready for the holidays.

Retail Packaging for Both Online & Storefront Businesses

The possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing your enterprise's packaging, regardless of whether you are using festive retail holiday packaging or your own branded designs.

Plastic and Non-Woven Custom Retail Shopping Bags

As consumers go into holiday shopping mode at malls and shopping centers, they will be carrying around shopping bags from various boutiques and stores. Custom designed bags serve as a nearly free form of advertising for merchants—having your brand’s logo and eye-grabbing design will make your company's name stand out, possibly inspiring both new and past customers to visit your store. By providing your customers high-quality bags, you also increase the chances that they may use them again. For example, durable printed plastic bags and non-woven tote bags are great for toting groceries, books, or everyday supplies. For them, this offers convenience. For you, this offers exposure. Whether you are a retail apparel shop or a local florist, you (and your customers) can benefit from multiple uses of your bags.

Tissue Paper for Retail Packaging

Custom Tissue Paper to Accent Products

Custom printed tissue paper used to wrap your product can really impress your retail customers. Tissue papers are underrated accent pieces that enhance the appeal of the shopping experience, thereby adding more value to your brand.  Moreover, customers are more likely to keep coordinated packaging of gifts together; that is, if you have wrapped your product in a whimsical tissue paper that matches or perfectly complements your shopping bag, they may be likely to give their gift wrapped in your packaging. Understanding the potential in these fine details can really set your business apart.

Printed Food-Grade Packaging

Retail Food Packaging

Much like the printed tissue paper for retail, the food and restaurant industry often takes advantage of their retail food packaging to keep their brand at the top of customers' minds, and to convey a sense of pride about their products and brand. The message you are giving is that you believe so much in your product that you want your customers to remember where it came from--you! Your business could also tap into the festivities of the holidays, by incorporating Christmas food packaging, for example. From food-grade waxed tissue paper to windowed kraft bags for gourmet snacks and treats, Plus Packaging offers an array of customizable food packaging products.

Custom Mailing Bags and Printed Packaging Tape

Whether your business has an online component or is solely a mail order enterprise, sending your product and/or correspondence in custom shipping envelopes or custom shipping bags with your logo adds that extra special touch that customers secretly love. Upon receiving their package, they immediately form a connection with your brand, making them more likely to come back again and again.

A Discerning Custom Retail Packaging Company

At Plus Packaging, we know first impressions are important for inspiring consumers to do business with you again. That's why we believe in exceptional print quality and high-quality materials. Whether you’re stocking up on printed mailing bags for your online apparel business or custom printed tissue paper to accent your floral arrangements, we’re here to help and are ready to craft a packaging design suited to your brand. Now is the time to stock up on your custom packaging materials in anticipation of the holiday season. Contact us or call 800-535-9550 to speak with a member of our team about your project. You may also build your tape, tissue paper, or bag using our online Logo Viewer.21
Standard Deviation Mailing Bags Not even a year old, Standard Deviation is already making a name for themselves, offering U.S. made denim and clothing made from high-quality materials and ethically-sourced products. For this Brooklyn-based menswear brand, built on supplying stylishly contemporary clothing, one thing is certain: the packaging must be just as cool and as the product. Operating as an online store, shipping and mailing are ultra important to Standard Deviation’s success. Whether they are sending a single lightweight t-shirt or a couple pairs of denim jeans, the product must arrive at the customer’s doorstep in pristine condition.  Plus, packaging costs must be kept as low as possible. That’s where custom mailing bags comes in, helping the brand display their hip persona while staying within budget and keeping customers from paying excess on shipping.

Cost-Effective Mailing Bags to Delivery Quality Every Time

The printed mailing bags created for Standard Deviation are two-toned, featuring the brand’s logo in white, against sleek black. Perfectly reiterating the brand’s streetwear style, the bags are designed to protect the products inside while delivering nothing less than what the customer is expecting. On top of helping to show off the brand's style and personality, shipping bags help make deliveries as cost-efficient as possible, providing durability that protects each and every item inside. To learn more about what Plus Packaging can do for you, contact us today. You may also use our logo viewer to begin the process of creating your own custom printed mailing bags! 18
In food retail, visuals mean everything. You eat with your eyes, after all! This is especially important if your products are sold in grocery stores, where a sea of colorful brand line the sheIves, all designed to entice the eyes of shoppers young and old. That's why eye-catching packaging is so important in advancing your brand image, calling shoppers to choose your cookies, your carrots, or your spices. Plus Packaging is dedicated to food suppliers, offering a hand when it comes to food-grade packaging that maintains product security and freshness.

Three Tips for Standout Product Packaging

When your products catch the eye of the consumer, you gain much more than attention--you have the opportunity to really resonate with shoppers, to get your name out there, and to generate more sales. Here are 3 tips on how to make your packaging stand out on the grocery shelves so that you can reap the benefits:

1. Use Attention-Grabbing Packaging

It’s a fact that people are drawn to what is attractive. Things that are appealing to the eye will cause people to stop and take a second look. Often, especially in the aisles of a grocery store, that is all that’s needed to make a sale. Whether it’s using attractively printed weld flat bags for dry baking ingredients or resealable printed plastic bags for juicy summer fruits, you're sure to gain more sales when your packaging stands out. From bright colors or a minimalist look, either one can work great when you use custom bags for retail.

2. Use the Best Colors for Food Packaging

When marketing your food items, you want to use packaging that will gain the most attention – in a positive way. That's what color psychology is all about! You obviously don’t want to turn people off. For instance, a rich forest green can reiterate a sense of freshness while a pale yellow-green can bring about feelings of unease. Plus Packaging can assist in making sure you have custom printed bags in colors that will enhance your product, not detract from it.

3. Use Neat Packaging Products

Packaging isn't just about standing out on the shelves to grab initial attention--it's also about securing the contents inside so that consumers have a positive experience well after they've left the grocery store. Food-grade packaging is designed to keep the items inside organized, fresh, and in one piece. Plus Packaging's team can assist, offering guidance when it comes to finding the proper size and material of your packaging, as well as offer any suggestions of added features, such as a zipper top for freshness or tear notches for easy opening.

Plus Packaging: Your Custom Packaging Providers

Keep in mind that whenever your product is on the shelf, you have the ability to highlight your brand. Plus Packaging has a wide range of custom printing services that will ensure your products stand out and catch your customer's eye. Our versatile line of custom products includes custom bags for retail, wholesale merchandise bags, packaging products for food, food-grade packaging, and printed pouches. Throughout their over 40 years of business, Plus Packaging has remained a leader in the packaging industry. Contact Plus Packaging to speak with a member of our team.15
While printed bags provide many benefits for your business, we here at Plus Packaging (and our clients alike) are thrilled when our custom products also benefit the environment. Our latest success story details how our printed eco-friendly bags enhanced the image of our friends at Union Park Veterinary Hospital. Based in Cottonwood Heights, Utah, Union Park Veterinary Hospital is known and respected for providing state-of-the-art pet care. When we began working with them, the team at Union Park Veterinary expressed their need for sturdy bags that secured their products and promoted their brand. Furthermore, they also emphasized their focus on the environment, and inquired about the numerous eco-friendly products that we offer. Our team worked together to design a non woven reusable tote bag to not only fit our client's needs, but also exceed their expectations! In addition to being secure and projecting a professional image, the folks at Union Park Veterinary Hospital were pleased with the eco-friendly component. In their eyes it was a win all around, and our team was happy to have contributed to it! If you’re interested in learning how our eco-friendly bags or other completely customizable products can benefit your business, try our logo viewer or contact us for more information.11
Nayked Apparel Mailing BagsNayked Apparel is exactly how it sounds—naked. Yes, you read that right. Naked. As in free from logos, excess branding, and tag-lines. This “nayked” approach to style means their customers can show off what really matters—their very own personality. In other words… “No logo. Just you.” With customers across the globe, this Ohio-based business requires a method of shipping that is not only cost-efficient but which also shows off the brand’s unique “nayked” personality. A challenge, of course, when it comes to showing off a company that boasts being logo-, graphic-, and brand name-free.  That’s where Plus Packaging comes in, offering an affordable and creative solution.

Custom Mailing Bags that Pack a Lot of Personality

The custom mailing bags created for Nayked Apparel mimic the brand’s own personality while keeping the unique style of the receiver in mind. Simple,  cool, and minimal, these flooded white mailing bags with black text allow the items inside to really stand out. In the interest of the company, shipping bags make for an economical method of shipping, helping to eliminate the bulk of boxes, as well as the excess cost. And when you’ve got a customer base throughout the world, affordable shipping supplies are crucial. Ship affordably and in style with printed mailing bags from Plus Packaging! Call us at 800-535-9550, to discuss your needs or see a sample of what your own custom mailing bags can look like with our logo viewer7
Here at Plus Packaging, our #1 priority is ensuring all of our clients have unique custom Packaging that sets them apart from their competition. Whether it be mailing bags, shipping bags, or special packaging tape - we have something for everyone! Our success story this month highlights our client Foot Cardigan. Foot Cardigan has a monthly sock subscription, where you can order socks monthly, and receive them as a gift - or give them as a gift! This is a great idea for someone who enjoys socks and the element of suprise; as you do not get to choose your socks! This client was looking for a funky fun way to use custom packaging to ship their socks. They were also looking for custom packaging that could almost be cost effective and tamper proof. We were able to do all of this for them, and they LOVE their new bags! Contact us today for more information, or check out our logo-viewer