Printed Packaging Tape

Custom Printed Packaging Tape Increases the Security of Your Packages

packing tape increases securityHow to Increase the Security of Your Packages

These days, everyone is concerned about the security and safety of the packages they are shipping. Here are a few tips to help improve the security of your shipments.

Make sure that the box you are using is in good condition and large enough for the item you are shipping. Use protective cushioning to protect the contents of the box. Close your boxes with carton sealing tape that is at least 2″ wide. You can also increase the security of your package by using one of the many security or tamper evident tapes.

Using Custom Printed Reinforced Gummed Tape

Custom printed reinforced gummed tape is a great product to apply to shipping packages. It’s incredibly durable and useful for identifying any tamper attempts. However, gummed tape isn’t the only option to increase packaging shipping security.

Plus Packaging has been a trusted name in the packaging industry for over 40 years, offering a wide range of high-quality solutions to businesses. Their extensive product line includes eco-friendly shopping bags, custom printed mailers, and durable food packaging. However, a standout feature in their repertoire is the exceptional custom packaging tape they provide.

Custom packaging tape from Plus Packaging isn’t just about securing your shipments; it’s a brand statement and a security boost, reinforcing the trust your customers have in your packages. Explore their range of custom packaging tape options and find out how it can significantly enhance the security and visibility of your shipments.

With Plus Packaging, your packaging isn’t just functional; it’s a branding tool that ensures peace of mind with every delivery. If you want to learn about some other tape options, make sure to check our custom printed tape blog!