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Five Creative Mail Order Packaging Ideas to Promote Your Online Brand

Plus Packaging Packaging Inspiration 2 min read 3/6/2018
Five Creative Mail Order Packaging Ideas to Promote Your Online Brand

As an e-commerce brand, delivery of products is a huge part of your operational structure. While shipping logistics are important to the experience, there are also marketing opportunities to be taken advantage of in e-commerce packaging.

When your package arrives on a customer’s doorstep, what message do you want to send? From supporting brand awareness to upselling, mail order packaging offers many ways to connect with audiences. Get inspiration from these five creative mail order packaging ideas:

5 Ways to Infuse Creativity into Your Custom Packaging

5 Ways to Infuse Creativity into Your Custom Packaging

Announcing your brand’s arrival is key to a great first impression. For over 40 years, Plus Packaging has been helping New Jersey businesses with custom packaging and shipping products. Brands trust us to help them to discover creative shipping ideas. Here are five ideas we recommend.

  1. Use shipping boxes with printed labels to announce your brand’s arrival. Consider how well serves like Amazon have used this practice. Without seeing any words, you know exactly who the sender is. There are many options for including your logo, tagline, brand colors, and other graphics.
  2. Consider branded shipping bags for a polished look. Customized shipping bags elevate your packaging and add style. From simple kraft mailers to custom poly bags, Plus Packaging has the right bag for you. You may also inquire about our eco-friendly options.
  3. Include personalized tissue paper for a sophisticated look. Mostly used in the shipping of clothing, jewelry, and accessories, tissue paper gives the user the feeling of opening a special gift.
  4. Feature your logo on shipping tape. Elevate the look of your packages with customized shipping tape. Include brand colors or logos for a cohesive look that reiterates the personality of your brand.
  5. Dress up subscription mailer boxes. If your brand offers any type of monthly or subscription-based delivery, you should absolutely consider branding your boxes! Plus Packaging offers several kinds of boxes with different divider features, suited to the unique needs of your business.
Turn Creative Shipping Ideas into Reality

Turn Creative Shipping Ideas into Reality

When your packaging is consistent with your brand, customers will have a great first impression and the chances of repeat business are much more likely. Whether it’s eco-friendly mailers, packaging tape, custom tissue paper, or poly mailers, Plus Packaging provides a range of sustainable options to enhance your brand’s image.

While these suggestions offer a glimpse into creative mail order packaging ideas, the possibilities for fully customized shipping packaging are extensive, tailored to your industry, products, and customer base. Plus Packaging is committed to assisting your e-commerce business in creating a memorable first impression with these straightforward yet impactful mail order packaging ideas!

Connect with us to learn more about shipping ideas for your business. We’ll even provide a free artwork consultation so you can know exactly what is possible.