Printed Wax Tissue Paper to Accentuate Tasty Cuisine

Custom Printed Wax Tissue PaperWhen it comes to indulging, we eat with our eyes first! Throughout their five years of experience in serving up traditional Venezuelan food, Budare Bistro takes this fact very seriously. With an impressive menu including mouthwatering Cachapas, Arepas, and their own unique Tequeños, they knew they needed food-grade packaging that would accentuate the appetizing appearance of their menu items.

Here’s a closer look at how Plus Packaging helped this gourmet Miami bistro showcase their traditional Venezuelan cuisine in an eye-grabbing and food-safe way.

A hip front-runner of Miami’s gastronomic community, Budare Bistro required appealing packaging that wouldn’t take away from the tasty appearance of their freshly prepared food. Their printed wax tissue paper, created by Plus Packaging, showcases the logo of this highly-acclaimed restaurant while keeping patrons mess-free, despite piling on the tasty fillings! Serving up everything from classic hot dogs to traditional Venezuelan empanadas, there’s no denying that their food looks extra-appetizing when conveniently wrapped in their own custom printed tissue paper. And when you’ve got a loyal customer base hailing from Venezuela and Colombia, you better be sure your food stands out!

Keep your patrons coming back for more with a little help from Plus Packaging. Together, we’ll craft everything your business may need, from custom printed wax tissue paper to printed paper bags, and beyond.

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