Printed Plastic Bags

Food Grade Pouches for Your Business!

Every industry can benefit from proper packaging. No business owner should ever underestimate the value of delivering their product in a secure, well-designed manner. This is especially true for businesses in the food industry, that need reliable food zip pouches

In recent years, our food grade pouches have helped many food companies meet their packaging challenges. Food Grade Pouches, just like the ones we made for our feather friends, are one of our most popular printed plastic bags because of their strong presentation, convenience, and their ability to keep products fresh via hermetic heat seals.

Recently, we worked with the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe in an effort to create the proper packaging solution for their stone ground flours. Above all else, they wanted their pouches to package their product securely and be a strong visual representation of their brand.

After conducting a full needs analysis, we designed beautiful 6-8 color zip lock security food bags to help them pack their various stone ground flours. The Ute Mountain tribe was very happy with the security features of the bags, and was further impressed with the design and artwork of their new packaging. If you’re interested in learning about how our custom printed plastic bags can benefit your brand, use our logo viewer or contact us for more information.