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Secure Your Packaging With Reinforced Gum Tape (Kraft Paper Tape)

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Secure Your Packaging With Reinforced Gum Tape (Kraft Paper Tape)

At Plus Packaging, we often recommend the use of custom reinforced gum tape (kraft paper tape) to ensure the secure packaging of our customers’ products. Our latest success story features our clients, Atascosa Wildlife Supply, Inc. (AWS) and Bushlan, and highlights how they have benefited from this custom printed packaging tape.

Under the same ownership, Atascosa Wildlife Supply manufactures a wide range of wildlife products while Bushlan provides customers with camo gear. Both companies pride themselves on the quality of their products and superior customer service. When we began working together, the team at AWD and Bushlan wanted to ensure their commitment to excellence was evident in their packaging. Specifically, they wanted to mitigate the risk against shipping damage while promoting their brand in the process.

Taking into account the goals and needs of both AWD and Bushlan, our team of experts decided that reinforced gum tape was the perfect custom printed packing tape for the job. Reinforced gum tape provides a strong seal to a variety of corrugated surfaces. This enhanced security provided the folks at AWD and Bushlan with peace of mind knowing that their packages will always be delivered safely. Better yet, since the printed packaging tape was customized, we were able to put their logo on it, thus helping them advertise their brand with every delivery.

We are thrilled to report that AWS and Bushlan are happy with their custom printed tape, and we look forward to working with them in the future! If you are interested in learning about kraft paper tape or how any of our other custom printed packaging products can benefit your brand, contact us for more information.