Packaging Inspiration

Custom Designed Retail Packaging for Holiday Preparation

As we charge into fall, our calendars remind us that holidays are close at hand. We are, of course, leading up to Halloween and Thanksgiving, but the big winter holidays are just around the corner. Now is the time to gear up your business to accommodate the numbers. To set yourself apart from other retail businesses, custom packaging can enhance the look of your product and capture the attention and memory of consumers. For example, when someone mentions the name of a high-end jeweler, a particular blue box may come to mind… that’s the power of branding!

Plus Packaging‘s commitment to impeccable printing quality of your brand’s designs and timely turnarounds can ensure that you’re retail-ready for the holidays.

Retail Packaging for Both Online & Storefront Businesses

The possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing your enterprise’s packaging, regardless of whether you are using festive retail holiday packaging or your own branded designs.

Plastic and Non-Woven Custom Retail Shopping Bags

As consumers go into holiday shopping mode at malls and shopping centers, they will be carrying around shopping bags from various boutiques and stores. Custom designed bags serve as a nearly free form of advertising for merchants—having your brand’s logo and eye-grabbing design will make your company’s name stand out, possibly inspiring both new and past customers to visit your store.

By providing your customers high-quality bags, you also increase the chances that they may use them again. For example, durable printed plastic bags and non-woven tote bags are great for toting groceries, books, or everyday supplies. For them, this offers convenience. For you, this offers exposure. Whether you are a retail apparel shop or a local florist, you (and your customers) can benefit from multiple uses of your bags.

Tissue Paper for Retail Packaging

Custom Tissue Paper to Accent Products

Custom printed tissue paper used to wrap your product can really impress your retail customers. Tissue papers are underrated accent pieces that enhance the appeal of the shopping experience, thereby adding more value to your brand.  Moreover, customers are more likely to keep coordinated packaging of gifts together; that is, if you have wrapped your product in a whimsical tissue paper that matches or perfectly complements your shopping bag, they may be likely to give their gift wrapped in your packaging. Understanding the potential in these fine details can really set your business apart.

Printed Food-Grade Packaging

Much like the printed tissue paper for retail, the food and restaurant industry often takes advantage of their retail food packaging to keep their brand at the top of customers’ minds, and to convey a sense of pride about their products and brand. The message you are giving is that you believe so much in your product that you want your customers to remember where it came from–you! Your business could also tap into the festivities of the holidays, by incorporating Christmas food packaging, for example. From food-grade waxed tissue paper to windowed kraft bags for gourmet snacks and treats, Plus Packaging offers an array of customizable food packaging products.

Custom Mailing Bags and Printed Packaging Tape

Whether your business has an online component or is solely a mail order enterprise, sending your product and/or correspondence in custom shipping envelopes or custom shipping bags with your logo adds that extra special touch that customers secretly love. Upon receiving their package, they immediately form a connection with your brand, making them more likely to come back again and again.

A Discerning Custom Retail Packaging Company

At Plus Packaging, we know first impressions are important for inspiring consumers to do business with you again. That’s why we believe in exceptional print quality and high-quality materials. Whether you’re stocking up on printed mailing bags for your online apparel business or custom printed tissue paper to accent your floral arrangements, we’re here to help and are ready to craft a packaging design suited to your brand.

Now is the time to stock up on your custom packaging materials in anticipation of the holiday season. Contact us or call 800-535-9550 to speak with a member of our team about your project. You may also build your tape, tissue paper, or bag using our online Logo Viewer.