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Plastic Bags from Plus Packaging offered in stock and custom designs

Plastic bags are a part of everyone's life. From the plastic bags you fill with groceries at the supermarket, to the plastic bags the dry cleaners wraps your garments in, to the plastic bags toys and food are packaged in, it is impossible to not come into contact with them on almost a daily basis.

Plus Packaging manufactures plastic bags for every conceivable application. Chances are, if you attend trade shows, you've seen our printed plastic bags given out by one or more of the vendors with their logo and/or company information listed on it. If you work in shipping, more-likely-than-not, you've handled product that was packaged in our shipping bags. The same holds true with our wicketted plastic bags and resealable plastic bags in the food industry. If you've ever come home to find a newspaper, magazine or circular hanging on your doorknob, it could well have been held by one of our newspaper plastic bags with a doorknob cutout in it. Litterbags, plastic garbage bags.even the airsick bags on airplanes.have all come from our facility.

The number of industries Plus Packaging serves with custom-manufactured plastic bags is virtually endless. A sampling of the more common ones include:

If your business utilizes plastic bags in any capacity whatsoever, call Plus Packaging today. We offer competitive pricing and the shortest lead times in the industry. Let us show you what we can do for you!

Call Plus Packaging today at 800-535-9550 or email us at

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