Custom Poly Mailing Bags: A Creative, Secure Way to Package Your Products

Poly mailers offer a unique way to ship your products, offering businesses and consumers the advantages of recyclability, security, and customization. For mail order businesses, these custom printed mailers serve as a cost-effective alternative to boxes, which cost more to ship as per dimensional shipping prices. At the same time, poly mailer shipping bags allow for robust shipping of your products, backed by the security of being made with durable materials that can withstand shipping and handling.

Today, poly mailers are also a means of marketing. By partnering with a group like Plus Packaging, your mailers may be customized with colors, logos, and other designs that display the brand and personality of your business.

What Are Poly Mailers?

Poly mailers are polyethylene shipping bags. They are made from co-extruded plastic, which is derived from recycled plastic as well as polyethylene films. Additionally, these mailing products are waterproof, tear proof, self-sealing, and tamper resistant, meaning your products will arrive at their destination securely and as anticipated. These affordable shipping bags can be customized by size and usage, as well as being designed to be consistent with your brand. Easy to handle and lightweight, you’ll enjoy the flexibility of these printed shipping bags! Here are some advantages of shipping your products in poly mailers

  • Serve as an effective marketing tool: Poly mailers from Plus Packaging can be customized to the unique needs of your business. Show off your brand with company logos, imagery, and colors. Upon package delivery, your customer will immediately know it’s from you. When you go the extra mile with a branded mailer, it emphasizes that your brand understands the importance of the details.
  • Provide enhanced security: Poly mailers provide robust security and protection. This means they can withstand the switching of hands, as well as inclement weather conditions. Plus, with tamper-evident sealing options, poly mailers ensure the package is only opened by the correct recipient. Ensuring your package arrives in good shape is of utmost importance; printed poly mailers will relieve shipping mishap concerns.
  • Reusable: Poly mailers are made to be recycled, making them ideal for businesses with green initiatives. This can be used to promote the sustainability efforts of your company—something growing more and more important to today’s consumers. You can even include a fun “Recycle Me!” message on bags so that users know to place them in the recycle bin, not the trash.

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