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Gummed Tape or Poly Packaging Tape

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Gummed Tape or Poly Packaging Tape

When shipping products to customers, every detail must be accounted for to ensure a smooth delivery— all the way down to the printed tape on the package. Our latest success story details the benefits that our custom packaging tape provided one of our favorite clients, the Working Person’s Store.

gummed tape or poly packaging tape

The Working Person’s Store provides high-quality work clothing, footwear and safety gear for hardworking individuals throughout the country. They’ve been in business for twenty years, and continue to grow at a rapid rate. When we began working with the folks at the Working Person’s Store, they expressed a need for custom packaging tape that would secure their products and allow them to personalize their deliveries.

What's Better Gummed Tape or Poly Packaging Tape?

What’s Better Gummed Tape or Poly Packaging Tape?

To fulfill their need, we designed a clear, heavy-duty poly-pro tape that provided their deliveries with maximum security. Additionally, the printed portion of the tape increased advertising by drawing attention to their packages and alerted handlers of special care needs. What’s more is that the people at the Working Person’s Store pride themselves on their “Made In The USA” products, and prefer to work with vendors (like us!) who share that sentiment. It has been a pleasure working with the Working Person’s Store thus far, and we look forward to providing them with excellent service in the future.

However, when it comes to making the choice between gummed tape and poly packaging tape, it depends on your specific needs. Gummed tape, also known as water-activated tape, offers superior sealing performance with its strong adhesive properties, making it a favored choice for heavy-duty and environmentally conscious packaging. In contrast, poly packaging paper, or plastic tape, is versatile and suited for general sealing purposes, offering easy application and a variety of options. Ultimately, the decision should consider factors such as the type of items being packaged, desired security, eco-friendliness, and budget constraints.

If you’re interested in learning about how small or large quantities of our Plus Packaging custom printed tape can benefit your brand, contact us for more information.