Eco Corner

Environmentally Friendly Shipping Practices for Socially Conscious Businesses

This year’s Earth Day theme is “End Plastic Pollution,” appropriately so, with the growing trend of businesses and consumers using less and less single-use plastic products. In fact, 17 top companies are joining the effort to promote more socially responsible business practices in 2018. At Plus Packaging, we have realized the necessity for less waste and eco-friendly means of shipping and packaging products. That’s why we’ve been ahead of the trend for quite some time, offering a selection of environmentally friendly shipping and packaging products, helping our customers to remain as socially responsible as possible.

In addition to businesses taking on the responsibility to reduce their waste production, many entire states are making similar pledges; California, for example, has passed a proposition that bans the single-use plastic carry-out shopping bags. While not every business can go to this extreme, they can take other steps to incorporate eco-friendly packaging materials into their business.

Sustainable Packaging Tips to Support Green Businesses

Going green as a business may not be as difficult as you think. Making small changes add up to big results. So, even if you only make a few changes now, you will be adding a large contribution to the overall goal of reducing waste. Here are a few ways Plus Packaging makes this transition to going green easy:

  • Eco-friendly Paper Bags: These bags are a great choice because of their 100% recyclable content. You can also customize them with your company’s branding to make them stand out, while consumers can reuse these bags for personal use, elongating its life.
  • Non-Woven Bags: Made from 100% recyclable woven material such as nylon and canvas, these sturdy bags are handy for multiple uses. You’ll be glad to know the woven bags are also non-allergenic, non-toxic, and non-corrosive.
  • Printed Plastic Bags: Some businesses may not be able to switch to paper or woven bags, but they can still participate in eco-friendly practices by using our printed plastic bags. We strive to make our bags as green as possible, containing 40% recycled material and up to 20% of a non-petroleum calcium filter. That means that the petroleum-based resins are reduced by up to 60%. So, even by using plastic bags, you can promote eco-friendly practices if you use the right plastic bags.

Take the First Step: Choose the Green Packaging Products of Plus Packaging

Using the most environmentally friendly packaging will be a big step in the direction of aligning your business with green practices. At Plus Packaging, we have a long history of delivering sustainable packaging and shipping materials for socially responsible businesses.

Connect with Plus Packaging today and take the first step in being an environmentally friendly business. You may also use our handy logo viewer to see a visual sample of what your custom product may look like.