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Think Outside The Box: Promote Your Brand With Printed Plastic Bags!

Plus Packaging Printed Plastic Bags 1 min read 10/22/2018
Think Outside The Box: Promote Your Brand With Printed Plastic Bags!

Printed plastic bags are one of our most in-demand products, and for good reason— they are a very effective marketing tool. Whether you’re distributing literature at a trade show or promoting an event, Plus Packaging’s printed plastic bags successfully convey your organization’s unique message. Just ask our friends at the LeXenomics Group.

Based in Lexington, Kentucky, the LeXenomics Group is a 501(c)3 non-profit establishment that organizes the RunTheBlueGrass Half-Marathon, one of the most popular running races in the country. When we began working together, they expressed their need for a sturdy, affordable bag that could store a large volume of items. They also needed the bag to have drawstring closure to prevent items from spilling out.

Our Cotton Drawstring Bags not only fit their needs, but also served as a great way to advertise the event. The LeXenomics Group was very happy with the product and our superior customer service, and as a result, they continue to use our printed plastic bags today. If you’re interested in learning about how our printed plastic bags can benefit your brand, use our logo viewer or contact us for more information.