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Custom Mailing Bags to Meet the Needs of a High-End Client

Plus Packaging Mailing Bags 1 min read

Architex, a fabric supplier for the design industry, packs a powerful pop of personality, with fabrics and designs that meet every aesthetic. While the great versatility in their products certainly created a challenge in designing the custom mailing bags they requested from Plus Packaging, it was a challenge we were excited to accept!

The mailing bags we created for Architex stand apart from the many other plastic mailing bags that we’ve created, typically used for apparel shipments. When it came time to designing custom mailing bags for this client, we didn’t want to take away from the beautiful fabric swatches they would contain.  The end result was a product that showcases the fabric designs before even having to open the bag.

Styling Architex's Custom Mailing Bags

Styling Architex’s Custom Mailing Bags

A matte blue ink was used to flood the front of the bags with the text reversed out to white. This styling provides a luxurious appearance and feel, evoking the very personality of Architex as a business. The back of the bag is clear, with a double tape lip and perforation for return shipments. This clear-back design allows you to see the fabric swatches contained inside. As a whole, these atypical shipping bags represent high-end style, which is exactly what the client was after!

If you’d like to customize your shipping supplies in the way that Architex did, we invite you to use our logo viewer to see what we can do for you! You may also contact us to learn more about all that Plus Packaging has to offer.