E-Commerce Packaging Tips For Online Retailers This Holiday Season

Online shopping is more popular now than ever before, and the packaging you choose for shipping your products is nearly as important as the products themselves. In choosing effective packaging, you have the opportunity to save your e-commerce business money, boosting your profits in the process. Here’s an overview of how you can use unique packaging for your e-commerce products to support your business this holiday season.

Making The Most of Custom Packaging And Shipping Products

There is more to packaging your products than simply packing them in boxes and shipping them out. Follow these guidelines for innovative e-commerce packaging solutions that will save your company money while also building your brand and generating goodwill with your customers.

Choose the Right Size and Shape – Standard shipping boxes are becoming a thing of the past as more and more online retailers shift to using custom packaging and shipping products. FedEx, UPS and other shipping companies typically charge by dimensional weight. To save money on shipping costs, your packaging should be the right size for the items you ship. This will also save you money on protective materials to fill extra space in large boxes.

Pick Packaging That Is Easy To Open – Opening a package delivered around the holidays can be incredibly exciting. However, packaging that is too difficult to open can diminish that enjoyment, leaving the customer with a negative impression of your business. Instead, choose packaging that is quick and easy to open. Details like perforation and pull-tabs can make a world of difference when your customer tries to open the package, and Plus Packaging has all the options you need to serve your customers best.

Showcase Your Brand – The packaging you choose serves as an extension of your brand, letting your customers know exactly what to expect when they open the package. Your customers may even keep the box to reuse, helping to deepen your relationships with your loyal customer base. With the Plus Packaging logo viewer, you can see exactly what your custom packaging will look like before you buy.

Reduce Your Environmental Footprint – At Plus Packaging, we offer a wide range of eco-friendly e-commerce packaging solutions. From boxes made from recyclable materials to those made using post-consumer materials, we have everything you need to reduce your impact on the environment while also keeping your customers satisfied with your environmental efforts.

Order Custom Packaging And Shipping Products From Plus Packaging In Time For Holidays

Our design team will be happy to help you create the perfect e-commerce packaging solutions for your business this holiday season. We’ll work closely with you to create packaging that is uniquely suited to your organization’s products so your company can save both time and money. Our design experts will guide you in designing branded packaging that shows your brand in the best possible light.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our custom packaging and shipping products. We will gladly help you create the perfect packaging for shipping your products to your customers.

Custom Packaging Solutions

Plus Packaging’s personalized approach means our team is with you through the entire process, from product selection, to design, to delivery. Whether you need custom poly mailer bags, printed tissue paper, branded packing tape — we’ll help you make sure it’s the right size with the right design, so that your company has access to the most cost-efficient and impactful custom packaging solutions. We even offer eco-friendly packaging options!

Get to know our complete selection of custom-branded packaging products. Many of our solutions include an extensive range of customization options, so please feel free to talk to our team. Contact our in-house design and shipping team to learn more.