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The Advantages of Packaging in Brand Marketing

When it comes to marketing your products, the packaging you choose can have a significant impact in the eyes of your customers. You can use your packaging not just to explain how to use your products, but also to convey brand messaging and make your products stand out from others on the shelf. Brands like Apple and Coca-Cola excel in this area; when you see their products on store shelves, they are instantly recognizable, even when the brand name isn't front and center. Here's how to combine packaging and branding in marketing to attract more eyes to your products.

The Importance of Product Packaging

From color schemes to logos and taglines, the importance of packaging design cannot be understated. The right design can attract customer attention while also promoting your brand. Well-designed packaging can have numerous benefits for your business: 

1. Stand Out From The Crowd — Coca-Cola's signature red-and-white design captures the attention of consumers immediately, and we recommend that you imitate this tactic in your product packaging. Choose contrasting colors to make your logo and other messaging pop against the background. Take care to pick colors that complement one another while still providing a contrast. Choosing unsavory hues can be detrimental to your goal of standing out. Harsh color schemes may even repel potential customers.  
2. Trigger Emotional Engagement — Emotional engagement is all about eye contact. If you decide to use images of people or animals on your packaging, make sure they are looking directly into the camera. This creates the illusion of direct eye contact with the viewer, which helps deepen their relationship with your brand. People are naturally drawn to look at others who are looking directly at them, so use this to your advantage.   
3. Support A Worthy Cause — Packaging provides you with a unique opportunity to align your brand with a worthy cause. Take the idea of choosing sustainable packaging, for instance. This seemingly innocuous decision can go a long way towards generating a substantial amount of goodwill for your brand. Many customers are concerned with their carbon footprints, and value businesses that share this sentiment. 

Showcase Your Brand With Custom Packaging Products

There are numerous reasons for incorporating packaging and branding in your marketing strategy. Custom packaging products can help your brand make a big impression. With a partnership with the packaging experts here at Plus Packaging, you can create custom packaging products for your business, helping to take your marketing efforts to the next level. If you need assistance with logo creation or overall branding, we can help with that as well. 

Contact us to learn more about our custom packaging products and how they can benefit your overall marketing efforts. Our talented team of packaging specialists is available to field any questions or make necessary recommendations. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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