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4 Reasons to Choose Sustainable Packaging Materials

Maintaining eco-friendly practices is a growing trend among consumers within every industry. That means businesses must follow suit, implementing environmentally-friendly initiatives where possible. For businesses that rely on packaging for their products or services, this may seem challenging, especially when more and more companies are reprimanded every day for the waste they produce. Fortunately, packaging doesn’t have to be wasteful! There are ample eco-friendly packaging and shipping options available, designed to support businesses making green initiatives. Plus Packaging’s own eco-friendly product line includes stock and custom paper, plastic, and non-woven products, all sustainable and all affordable.

As you consider switching to more sustainable packaging options, consider the following benefits:

1. Sustainable Packaging Saves Money 

Many people believe that eco-friendly packaging materials are more expensive than their standard counterparts, just as organic vegetables tend to be most costly at the grocery store. However, this is not the case! Because sustainable packaging is often made from recycled materials, they cost less to manufacture, so they are usually more affordable. You'll also save money on disposal and may even be eligible for rebates from your local government as a "thank you" for recycling! 

2. Eco-Friendly Products are Easy to Dispose Of 

Because eco-friendly materials are usually recyclable, they are far easier to dispose of than non-recyclable materials. There is no need to worry about the logistics of storing waste or transporting it to your local landfill. This aspect benefits your customers as well, enabling them to feel good about doing their part for our environment

3. Build Goodwill with Customers through Eco-Friendly Supplies 

Environmentalism is a growing concern among consumers, so advertising that your company uses sustainable packaging materials can go a long way towards bringing in new customers. Given a choice between a company that uses eco-friendly packaging and one that does not, all other things being equal, customers are far more likely to choose the company that shares their environmental values. 

4. Preserves the Environment (Obviously!) 

This should go without saying, but it is worth repeating. The environment does not fend well when we inundated landfills with items that are non-biodegradable. Even small steps, like transiting to eco-friendly alternatives on a product-by-product basis, can help. The smallest efforts can have a big impact on our environment and ensure that future generations have a suitable world in which to grow up. 

Get Started with Environmentally Friendly Packaging 

Committed to maintaining eco-friendly practices, Plus Packaging is pleased to offer a large selection of eco-friendly shipping and packaging products. This includes paper bags made from 100% recyclable materials, printed plastic bags made from 40% recycled materials, and 100% recyclable and reusable non-woven bags. From mailing envelopes to shopping bags, you'll find everything you need to package your products while doing your part to keep our world secure.  

Interested in transitioning to eco-friendly packaging? Our associates are happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us online to begin a discussion or browse our online product catalog of stock and custom packaging supplies.

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