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Custom printed and packaging tape

Printed Packaging Tape Delivers Your Message!

The printed tape division of Plus Packaging, Inc. specializes in custom printed tape, packaging tape, sealing tape, wrapping tape, pouches for packing lists, tamper resistant and air-freight printed tape.
Printed tape
is available in small to large quantities with both stock and custom printed messages. Distinguish your business or organization from all the rest!

Printed tape is used for:


  • Tamper-Evident Kraft Gummed Carton Sealing Tape - Tape cannot be removed without detection; the top Kraft layer immediately separates from the red bottom sheet. Protects and secures shipments. Water-activated adhesive. Use Kraft fiberglass reinforced gummed tape with our tape dispensers.
    • Manual Tape Dispensers
    • Electric Tape Dispensers
  • Security Carton Sealing Tape - Stands out and help ensure package integrity. If box is opened or tampered with, tape lines are nearly impossible to realign. Polypropylene film with pressure-sensitive, natural rubber adhesive adheres quickly.
  • Printed Carton Sealing Tape - Tape is pre-printed with warning messages to protect and reduce shipping claims. Strong polypropylene film with pressure sensitive, hot melt rubber resin adhesive resists moisture, abrasion and center seam splitting. Choose from the following stock messages or create your own:
    • "If Seal is Broken, Check Contents Before Accepting"
    • "FRAGILE" - Handle With Care
    • "Sealed for Your Protection"
    • "Quality Control Inspected"
    • "This Carton Contains Mixed Merchandise"


  • Custom Printed Carton Sealing Tape - Draw attention to your package and alert handlers of special care needs. Personalize your packaging system with printed tapes that include your company name and information. Use printed tape and carton tape to send a message to your customers for just pennies a package. Process Printed Tape is now available for all of your high end advertising needs.  Let our Plus Packaging tape printers and designers help you select from our wide variety of tapes and tape dispensers.

Custom printed tape When you call the designers and tape printers at Plus Packaging for information on printed tape and packaging tape tape, they will help you specify which custom printed tape would be the perfect application for your needs. There are, however, some questions we’ll need to ask so you might consider the following beforehand to make the process easier:

  1. Type of printed tape
  2. Size of printed tape (Width x Length)
  3. Thickness of printed tape or carton tape (Mil)
  4. Quantity
  5. Film Color
  6. Number of Print Colors
  7. Camera ready artwork available
  8. Deadline for delivery

The types and sizes of printed tape available are extensive and we strongly encourage you to speak to a customer service representative.

Call us today at 800-535-9550 for more information or e-mail with any questions. Your call will always be answered by a customer service person - NO VOICE MAIL!

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